After moving to the beach town whose eminence attracted him he no longer got up early to join the seagulls as the sun rose above the ocean. He no longer paid attention to the tiny lizards running on the sidewalks. He stopped celebrating the tropical climate and started complaining about the heat.

It shocked him to realize that he no longer wanted to go to the Cuban-run bakery for a cortadito. He made his own coffee.

His relatives from northern lands were still awed by palm trees and lizards, but by moving to paradise he had become a local.

Linked to Carrot Ranch where the theme for this week’s 99-word flash fiction challenge is “eminence”.

Lizard Sitting Still Hoping I’ll Go Away

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

22 thoughts on “Eminence”

  1. Ah Yes God Got So Bored
    So Bored in Paradise So God
    Became a Tourist in Hell too
    As Hell
    Became the
    Savior of God’s Love
    Let’s Face it Steak and
    Ice Cream everyday would
    be itS own fashion of Hell too..;)

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  2. Ah! Yes, you expressed that quality of paradise lost. Funnily, this actually gives me a personal insight into my husband. We have lived in some incredible places, and no matter how excited he was to go, he grows to dislike it and wants to move on. I’m the opposite, I’m reluctant to move and wherever I go, I’m thirsty to learn about all that makes it special. Literary art is more than stories — it’s also understanding the human experience. Thanks, Frank!

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