17 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun”

  1. Hmm.. Very Very Interesting in a Synchronicity
    kinda way second time i wrote about a Black Crow
    in the Last Year and sure enough my Next Stop is on
    Your Blog where a Black Crow Visits here i clearly
    remember the
    Last one
    at the
    you shared before
    hehe okay now let
    me go back up and read Your Poem…
    oh i see now a Photo Challenge well the
    Black Crow Came as i talked about a Light
    Bringer that wasn’t really Black but a Light
    Bringer never the Less true like Venus Coming
    in the morning too then a Humming Bird came
    to the Window First time ever at my Bedroom
    Window Reminding me of “Humming Bird”
    by Seals And Croft and By God if the
    Lyrics didn’t Mirror just
    what i was writing
    about too
    Raven too
    forevermore Heaven now
    not true this go around it’s a Black Crow..:)

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