43 thoughts on “Landscapes”

  1. There is a sense of time here, as if you’ve been enjoying the landscape for awhile, as they reappear. Lingering enjoyment is what I feel while reading. Wonderful Frank.

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  2. Starling Sun Flowers
    We All Are within now
    inside outside above
    so below born Above
    From Super Nova
    FireS Now
    All Around
    Sentient Star
    Dust Standing
    Tall Our Sun
    Just another
    FLoWeR NoWTHeN
    to Explode Seeding
    Potential Sentient Star Dust
    Again As All Is Garden All
    Is Flower All Is
    From: to:
    We Are All Star
    Flowers And Seeds too..
    SMiLes Frank Now May
    YouR Star FLoWeR Continue to Rise..:)

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