13 thoughts on “Architectural Marvels”

  1. Beautiful pictures! These glassy surface remind me of the modern buildings in Toronto, where I have been once.

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  2. “Cosmic Curvature Architectural Marvels” SMiLes Frank
    How Synchronicity PLaYs iT AGain.. i Just got off the ‘Phone’
    With A Disgruntled Blogger who doesn’t
    Like A Cosmic Curvature
    as my
    Words they
    Come to Flow
    All Way ACross A Page he expects me to Sidewalk Write my Words oh Lord How Boring would be that.. We are taught
    From a Young
    Age now more
    Seeing Beauty
    of Chaos Magic
    Art in Lines
    of Rulers
    And Flat..
    Some folks
    have yet to
    E-scApe A
    Sidewalk Matrix
    Dance and Song..;)

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