Through the Leaves
Surprised, I turned around to see,
In spite of everything I knew,
The world afresh with mystery
And animated, too.

Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge where the prompt is “an anime-ted life”. With the use of a little anime-ted imagination hopefully these photos fit the prompt.

White, Green and Gray

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

18 thoughts on “Anime-ted”

  1. “Default mode network (DMN) and the task-positive network (TPN).
    These two networks are like the on/off position of a light switch in that
    the activation of one by definition inhibits the other”

    Smiles Frank DMN Versus TPN
    Scatter Brain
    Default Mode
    hehe like a person
    Immersed in Dance
    Where ruminating
    over Negative Stuff
    Floats out of the Chaos
    unto.. Task Positive Network
    Light of Dance With Smiles..
    Smiles as Human Beings
    Generally Speaking
    other Animals
    as Well
    Task Specific
    Behavior is necessary
    for survival a hack of course
    is staying focused on one activity
    at a time.. even if we do not get paid
    for it.. true an empty Mind IS A
    for Negative
    on the other Hand
    Candy Cane Land too..
    some folks just Naturally Float
    as Christmas Dreams come real..
    With Trees all lit up A Wonderland of DMN too..
    Smiles A Force of Low Levels of DMN Inhibition is
    strong with me.. Shot Gun Spread of Stimuli all over the place..
    so yeah in Nature all comes Animated and New for me as well.. so easy..
    i Dance
    so i do not
    have to Feel
    everyone else’s
    Hell as they pass me by…..

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