Independence Paint

Approaching Storm

The hot afternoon brought a sinister cloud extending across the western horizon that painted the sky behind it dark. From the distance of our heroes on Earth they could not estimate its speed, but they knew it would be upon them at any moment.

“That is the largest alien vessel I have ever seen! It covers the sky.”

“It’s a storm cloud. We need to reach shelter before the downpour.”

“It’s part of the rebellion to liberate the universe from the evil empire. They want our planet as a base of operations.”

“I hope not.”

Then the aliens landed.

Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge where the theme is “a state of independence” and to Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch where the theme this week for 99-word stories is “paint”.

Storm Clouds

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

23 thoughts on “Independence Paint”

  1. I’ve Often Wondered WHat’S A Difference
    Between Loving Space More Than Home
    Planets And i’m almost Positive
    aN Only Difference Between
    Staying And Going
    into Outer Space
    is Either
    Folks Love
    their Home
    Their Breath
    Enough to Stay
    or they Destroy
    it Before they Leave For LiGHT
    or SAdly for DarK that’s Up to
    Loving Life Here And Now Most
    Smiles Happy Freedom Day Frank..
    i Like to FRaME Stuff Positive When
    Possible With
    For Me
    hehe as
    LonG as iT WorkS aT
    Least FoR NoW As iS Be i AM..:)

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