By grasping ground the trees submit then stand
To face the stormy weather, hot or cold.
Winds slap their leaves with branches fully fanned
Yet year by year they grow on land they hold.
Small habits starting weak turn strong and bold.
They would not hesitate if they could voice
Their affirmations - life would be the choice.
They welcome all who aid their living there.
They fix one spot then from that spot rejoice
And offer wayward folk refreshing air.

Linked to dVerse Poetry Forms. Rosemary NissenWade is hosting with the dizain poetry form: 10 lines, 10 syllables per line with thyme pattern ababbccdcd.

Overlooking Lake Michigan at Gillson Park

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

56 thoughts on “Trees”

  1. Frank I love your characterization of the trees, at first small and grasping, holding on while getting battered about, the growing stronger, until at last they joyfully share their shade. Lovely and life-affirming.

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  2. What a lovely celebration of the steadfastness of trees and their life-affirming nature. The sub-text, that we might well emulate them, is conveyed in a calm, kind, non-preachy way – like the trees themselves. The rhyme scheme is not only perfect, it seems (fittingly) organic.

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  3. An expertly executed dizain, Frank, about my favourite plants. Great use of alliteration in ‘grasping ground’ and I especially like the lines:
    ‘They would not hesitate if they could voice
    Their affirmations – life would be the choice.’

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  4. Oh Tree You Shape
    of Lamp Divine
    You Shade me From
    the Sun it Feeds you
    While i Rest Your Roots
    Spread Deep Below me Your
    Branches so Far Above Leaves
    Touch The Sky in Awe You Bring
    The Air i Breathe… What More
    Will i Desire
    But to
    Beneath respite
    From Heat With
    Great Thanks and
    Praise for YouR Existence
    With me.. Light i Do my Best
    to Generate Tree Shines Forth as Lamp
    Hi Frank
    Hope you
    Are staying Cool in Chicago too..:)

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  5. Luv your celebration of trees Frank. And, the fact that they rejoice mskes me happy. I love trees
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


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