If you could see and reach the heart that hides in me
The sun may shine or not for all I’d care
Then with you we could search the sky for love
And by that know the truth of what is real out there.

Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo prompt with the theme “if you could see into the heart of me”. Also linked to dVerse Quadrille where Grace is hosting with the word “sun”.

Morning by Lake Michigan

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

50 thoughts on “Heart”

  1. There is a sense of wonder and peace in your words. Your photos are amazing. I especially like the one with where the sky, water and grass meet. I just want to run through those wildflowers and twirl around. lol..my inner child is alive and well.

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  2. You know this so unique. The search for gold by humans, the search for water by aliens in the sci fi movies. I like your search for love best

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Frank


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  3. HeART is such a Lovely
    Word He and Hear and Ear
    And Art it contains And True
    THeRE iS H too AlphaNumerical
    8 iNFiNiTY Standing Tall as Two
    Ones 11 Reach ACross as Two Hemispheres
    of Brain Yes Two Hemispheres of Earth Left
    and Right Latitudes Up and Down All Around
    As H comes into Being complete 8 iNFiNiTY Standing
    Tall and so much more all in HeART to Be Now Complete
    True Though Without
    ART all that is
    Left is
    As He
    is Never Enough
    For a Tree of Life Yes Balance
    of Grace and Love Divine Feminine
    Roots Spreading out to Divine Masculine
    Will And Strength Tree of Life Complete Us
    WHere Roots Below Are as Important as Trunk
    And Branches as Leaves Rise on Limbs And Fall to
    Living EartH Feeding Leaves of Grass more as Wind
    As God Carries A Circle of Life As HeART Dance Song
    Comes after DaRK Becomes LiGHT AGaiN so much More Art to CoME..
    A Tree of Life BecoME A LamP All Lit Up From: Roots to: HeArT Free

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