Beverly Dyer, Zen Tree V
Bright orange with red against dark black
Keeps my heart from mad attack,
Reminds good habits to stay bold,
And calms me when stray demons scold.

The featured image is a photograph of Beverly Dyer’s art work, “Zen Tree V”. This post is linked to dVerse Poetics where Mish is hosting featuring the art of Beverly Dyer.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

51 thoughts on “Tree”

  1. I’ve enjoyed the many different approaches to this image, which is seasonal and representative of the favourite time of year of many of us. I like the way your poem begins ekphrastic and ends philosophical, Frank!

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  2. Saplings Middle Aging
    to Elder Trees Reaching Out
    In Wisdom’s Light Shedding
    And GRoWinG Leaves as Branches
    Grow Wake
    oF LiGHT
    SMiLes i attempted
    to pass a long a bit of
    what i see in Life to a Customer
    Service Person who never Looked
    Up from their ‘Smart’ Phone Middle
    Age around 40 or so and then
    a 77 or So Year-Old War
    Hero from Enlisted
    Ranks to in
    Special Forces
    in Vietnam Fox
    Holes of Religion
    one of flesh and blood
    And Then Commodore of
    a Navy Station Pentagon
    Duties and all of that stuff..
    Truly a Mentor of the Human
    Condition thing is He had no ‘Smart
    Phone’ With Him only Tales of the
    Hero Adventures he Lived.. and truly
    All i Had was Hell in my Back Pocket
    With my Own Advice as finally
    succumbing to Aging no longer
    Able to Shrug 700 Pounds
    as he did not too long
    ago.. as i told him
    you know what
    is worse than
    the Worst Pain Known
    to Humankind literally assessed
    as Worse than Crucifixion like a Dentist
    Drill in Right Eye and Ear for 66 Months
    From Wake to Sleep that no Drug Will touch
    Yes Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia as he seemed
    puzzled for what i might say next as i went on to explain
    that Memories are Emotions and Emotions are Memories when
    We Lose our Emotions the Memories of Emotions are Naturally gone
    no Reference Point back to the Feeling of a Smile and beyond Infinity
    Now From the Feeling or the Action of a Laugh.. no warm comfort of a Cat
    Purr or a Puppy Dog Tale within nothing from Your Most Beautiful Wife’s
    Hug Just
    is all.. and then
    i said as he reminisced
    about the Days no one
    would ever dare to kick any
    Sand in His Face at the Beach..
    Yes then i said you know the Worse
    Pain i can imagine is the Loss of Soul
    the Loss of what even a Smile Feels like
    to Give and Share for Free.. true if i lose the
    use of my Arms and Legs and Still Have that
    My Soul Will Still Be Attached to God For Real..
    it’s a matter
    of perspective
    the Worst of
    All Disabilities
    are no longer being
    Able to See the Wind..
    i am glad there are still a few
    folks older than me in the World
    i worry when there are none and that
    is why i leave my Soul Behind Truly i wish
    he’d write A Blog about his Soul Adventures of
    Life if he loses His ability to Walk Perhaps he will Save the World
    of at
    Soul this
    way my Friend..
    smiles Frank.. giving and
    sharing is too important to ever give up..
    When the Sea the Ocean and Tree stories of Life
    are gone we not only lose our Roots our Leaves no longer Green and Feed Light…:)

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