Don’t Say a Word

Clouds and Wildflowers

Jeremy stepped inside. In his ear he heard, “Stay near the door. Don’t respond to anything they say.”

“Look. That guy’s back.”

“OK, let’s finish this. You’re going to get what’s coming to you. You hear me?  No one will care how loud you scream in this place.”

The five men stepped out of the safety of the shadows moving toward Jeremy.  When they were visible in the middle of the room, shots shattered the windows.

Jeremy heard a gunfight outside.  His earphone went silent.  He wondered what happened. Was it safe to leave?

He left the room anyway.

Linked to Carrot Ranch July 16 Flash Fiction Challenge to write a 99-word story with the theme “scream inside your heart”.


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Say a Word”

  1. Birds of Different
    FLoWeRS SinGinG
    Colors Together
    Without Toting
    Guns As Beauty
    Is Wisdom’s Best Love
    HeHe.. i ReMeMBeR DaNCinG
    One Night In Heat of the Moment
    As Bars BreatHE A Dude Ran Into
    Me We Stood
    Girl FRiEnD
    Suddenly Hugged
    Me TiGHT And Broke the Silence
    With Beauty’s Breath Feeling Without Bleeding
    There was another Night When A Drunk Dude kept
    Trying to Push Me Around Girls Surrounding me
    And A Group 5 Truly Large Samoan Looking
    Women Corralled Him Far Away
    from me And We Finished
    Our Dance
    iN HiGHeR PlaceS Haha..
    i’ve Got Photos oF iT BuT all
    The Digging to Find them Hehe..:)

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      1. Women Win As
        They Cooperate
        More Than Compete
        Life is Changing
        This Balance Required
        For Species Thriving
        Easy to
        See in
        The Suicide
        Rates among
        Females in the
        Newest Generations…
        Now We MUST Wear Masks
        To Save Our Health
        But to suggest
        There is no
        Harm to
        Human Health
        By Top Health
        Officials By
        Humans Losing
        Face to Face
        That 412 Mapped
        Emotional Expressions
        We Humans Experience
        Face to Face
        For Emotional
        Health is Short
        Sighted at
        Least as
        Humans are
        Evolved to Communicate
        By Dancing Facial
        Soul Health
        As that relates
        To really living
        At All but True
        There is imagination
        And Colors of Words
        In Metaphor too
        The origin
        Of much
        Of Poetry
        Comes From
        Humans Who
        Have lost
        Of Their
        Souls as i
        Surely Did for
        66 Months of
        Numb Soul Face
        Pain Birthing
        Of these Words…
        i expect Art Will
        Thrive in the
        Human Soul Faces
        Perhaps someone
        Else will even
        In Public
        If this New Mask
        World lasts long
        Enough… Avatar
        Life online
        Now Surely
        A Saving
        Soul Face Grace 🙏

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