The Rough With the Smooth

Smooth With Rough
Rough around the edges,
Smoother where it shows -
Plants know well how rough we get.
Make room. Watch out. They'll grow.

Linked to Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale offers the theme of “the rough with the smooth”.

Also linked to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. The weeks go by and I have the same things to smile about – pleasant social relationships (although modified by social distancing) and we are able to take walks. I have been to the forest preserve multiple times.


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

16 thoughts on “The Rough With the Smooth”

  1. ‘Rough and Smooth’
    Again Spin And Torsion
    A Creativity Quick Nap
    Black Hole Suns Come
    Again Oh Lord A
    Faucet of Words
    All Come OuT AGaiN
    to Play Happy Northern
    US Safe Covid-19 Dreams
    Frank.. Down South iN FL Is Definitely
    NoT A Place WHere Science Breathes Free
    Just What ‘Mr. Covid-19’ Ordered Up at ‘The Bar’ to
    Drink And Get Drunk To Spread ‘His’ Version of Breath
    No Different Than
    ‘the Last Dictator’
    Charismatic Speech
    With Charlie Chaplin
    Playing the Role of
    Trump Don a
    Mask and
    Will Follow
    THeiR TRuMPaTRioTiC
    Duty to Quell Killing FieldS iN 5th Avenue Duty
    Other than That When Corporations Lead Dictators
    Naturally Follow
    No More Blue
    Light Specials
    Maskless At
    K-Mart Besides
    They Already Closed
    Down NoW As Walmart
    Consumes the Consumer too
    ViRuS or Not We Buy We Buy
    Eating the Face of THE EartH
    Consuming Our Only Home to BReATHE
    Face of Us Zombie Apocalypse STaRTinG to See Bleed too…


      1. Smiles Frank Best We Change Landscape Adding Trees And Providing Homes
        With More Oxygen For Wildlife Like Us A Garden
        Of Eden Smiles this Way
        In my Backyard
        Greater than Any
        Tools as
        Real Poetry
        Of God Breathes
        With Leaves
        Sunshine Love..:)

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