Fancy bugs who flutter there
Are not out flying blind.
While abstract colors fill the field
There’s nectar that live flowers yield
So those who seek may find.

Linked to Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale offers the theme of “abstract”. The top photo reminds me of the random splattering of color like on some works of abstract art and whatever that is in the bottom photo it fits my abstract idea of “bug”.

Also linked to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. A friend of mine, Vince, has a backyard with flowers. We noticed there an unidentified flying object whose wings fluttered rapidly like a hummingbird but who looked like a bug sipping nectar along with the bumblebees. We tried to find it in a field guide to insects but the most we could conclude was that we were glad we didn’t run into some of the other stuff that was illustrated in that guide. Finally, giving up, we decided to call this unknown bug “Vince’s Bug”, or Bugus Vincentus to use my best pig Latin, and we welcomed it home.

Vince’s Bug

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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