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Trees and Rock Formations

“The Good Spirit knows everything about you and he’s apt to forgive you but you have to submit to him and want it,” the ancient guru who lived only on air and was said to float about the temple high in the mountain explained.

I was still curious and so while seated at his feet, I asked him, “And what about the Bad Spirit?”

“Ah, the Bad Spirit knows a good deal about you as well but he’s only interested in what he can use as blackmail to keep your mouth shut.”

He didn’t seem to have anything more to reveal and I couldn’t think of anything more to ask him and so I lowered the volume of the sound of my breathing and I sat.

When the sun set he suddenly twisted his head unnaturally in my direction showing his burning eyes and steamy horns making me jump wishing I never risked the arduous climb up this mountain and wondering if I could find my way back down in the dark.

“So, in your current circumstances, boy, which one of those spirits do you think it’s now safer to serve?”

Linked to Six Sentence Stories where Denise offers the prompt word “volume” to use in the story. For another story about Satan, I highly recommend reading Zack and Zelda’s Church Nightmare (mostly fiction).

Garden of the Gods in the Morning
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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

32 thoughts on “Volume – Six Sentence Story”

  1. The question remains: safe and have the option to continue? or take a chance and find one’s own way? One might argue that both Good and Bad have the potential to lie, as both would encourage the seeker to follow its own version of the path.

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    1. I hope I wouldn’t start climbing up such mountains in the first place, but if I did, I hope I would leave before the sun set. There is a lot of deception and I know I’ve taken a lot of wrong paths in my life. Thank you!


  2. From one perspective, when seeking knowledge and enlightenment, one should be prepared (as well as one is able to prepare) for all manner of misdirection, deception. Not necessarily from the source but from within. 🙂
    Thought provoking, contemplative Six, Frank. Thank you.

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