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I gave my brother peeled apple slices. He placed them one-by-one on the strudel dough that we older ones helped stretch across a cloth on our dinner table. He put some in his mouth. Then came the raisins to scatter on the dough. When it was finished I held him so he could watch our mother lift the cloth underneath the strudel, roll it into a long, thick pastry that fit on a cookie sheet and place it in the oven.

We made many strudels for Christmas and everyone helped.

I’ve never had a dessert that tasted so good.

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31 thoughts on “Apple Strudel – Carrot Ranch”

  1. The picture at the top of your blog is gorgeous. It looks so inviting.

    I’m fascinated by so many different traditions. The theme of family sharing together came through you post quite well. 🙂

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    1. My mother would first roll it out, then we helped her stretch it by grabbing opposite ends moving around the table. Of course there was a lot of kneading involved to develop the gluten to make it stretch. I’ve tried making it and did not succeed as well as I remembered. Thank you, Mary!


  2. Often it is the sharing of the tasks that makes the result all the sweeter. I like the tenderness shown between the brothers, too, as if anticipation made them all kinder. Perhaps something for us all to ponder this Christmas season.

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  3. Oh Wow, that does sound delish! The ones in the grocery store bakery aren’t worth the price. Very nice slice of nostalgia here too!

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