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Given his diet Greg knew he shouldn’t eat much of anything on the menu.  As a compromise he ordered a huge bowl of nachos with sour cream, guacamole and “the works”, whatever that was, and shared it with everyone at the table.  It went well with their burgers and beers and Greg had plenty himself.

“Hmmm,” Greg thought, “Those nachos taste good.”  He wondered if he should break his diet and risk ordering a burger and beer.

He thought and thought and thought and thought and decided not to since by that time everyone else had thankfully finished theirs.  

Linked to Six Sentence Stories where Denise offers the prompt word “menu”.

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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

40 thoughts on “Menu – Six Sentence Story”

  1. I applaud Greg’s restraint however, I wonder if maybe he should have ordered that burger. Sometimes, the indulgence is necessary.. motivational even!
    Daresay, Frank, you’ve got me wishing I had a huge bowl of nachos with the works in front of me!

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  2. This is too good, Frank…you’ve got me craving nachos now!!

    I’ve had you on my mind, brother–wanted to check in with you, see if you and your family are doing okay? I’ve switched blogs, and you’re not obligated to do the follow/read/comment thing–that’s not why I’m here. I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season–I am! Lots of baking to do soon–wish you and your wife were next door, so I could unload some of the treats on you both! 🙂 Are you spending the holiday in IL or FL–just curious 🙂

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    1. I am a vegetarian now because I have a problem eating meat. It triggers gout and I think a thyroid autoimmune disease in me. I usually bake sweet potatoes and use olive oil (no lard) for cooking at home. But it is hard when one is on such a diet to trust eating much of anything on the menu, except perhaps for coffee.

      I have tried to connect to your blog but I do not seem to have a way to leave a comment.


    2. I have been a type-one diabetic since I was 18. Eating out with friends has always been a problem for me. Do I stick with what’s good for me or join in with the crowd? It’s still a tough call at times.

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    1. I find if I break the diet just one time, I will break the diet even more later. So even one time is not good.

      I am at a point now where I don’t even want a burger and beer. The nachos are still tempting. 🙂 Thank you, Pat!


  3. I can talk myself into and out of a dozen menu items, but fortunately, I’m pretty good at ending with talking myself out of it. I did give in to a carton of peppermint ice cream a week ago, but I’ve only had one very small bowl since I bought it! Good 6!

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