Cream of the Crop

This week for the Cosmic Photo Challenge Dale asks us to feature our favorite photos of the past year under the theme of “cream of the crop”. Above is a fall view of Lake Michigan from the top of the ravine at Lake Bluff, Illinois, and the other shows a cup of goji berry tea next to my prepared notes for a meeting.

What made me smile this past week (for Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile) was a realization of the significance of various personal events over the past year, some very small, which made possible other such events. By contrast many public events of 2020 were awful, but these more private ones I think of now as Red Sea moments (Exodus 14) where I had to go from one side to the other of some situation with a command to do so, or else. When I imagine what my life would have been like today if I had not obeyed these commands I am overwhelmed with joyful gratitude.

I doubt the Israelites felt comfortable crossing the Red Sea given those ominous mountains of water on both sides, but if they had not obeyed, they would have had to face the Egyptians behind them. Imagine their gratitude at the privilege of being guided from one shore to the other.

The realization that made me smile this past week was the sense that I was not alone and I might well have become lost if I didn’t go forward. There are those who might choose to explain such commands or guidance as the workings of my imagination. However, there is a difference between imagining how the Israelites must have felt to experiencing it oneself. Remembrance brings forth gratitude and gratitude put a joyful smile on my face.

Merry Christmas!

I am adding this post to Crystal Grimes Holiday Blogging Party.

Cosmic Photo Challenge

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

32 thoughts on “Cream of the Crop”

  1. Sometimes small choices make big differences. I really like the photo at the top. I’ll have to try goji berry tea some time. I do put goji berries in my homemade trail mix, but that’s about all I use it for.

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  2. The lake, the trees, the path, the berries, tea, notes, your joy and gratitude for guidance and the celebration of so many everyday happenings – I enjoyed this rich post with so many elements to it.

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  3. Yes, with gratitude for God’s guidance we go forward 🙂 That fall shot of Lake Michigan is definitely “cream of the crop”…gorgeous photo! Merry Christmas to you & yours, Frank!

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  4. Just came over to wish you a special Christmas filled with joy, peace, and delight. And to tell you how much your blog, your likes, and your comments mean to me. They are inspiring. I’m sure praying for more common sense Democrats in the coming year! 😀 Merry Christmas

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    1. I changed my party loyalty to Republican a few weeks ago after the election. I could no longer remain a Democrat. Thank you for all of your comments and likes and thoughtful posts. May God bless you, Oneta, and have a Merry Christmas!

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  5. Beautiful photo! Obedience is one of the most difficult challenges we face as humans. Our Father in Heaven knows what’s best for us, even though at the time, it often goes against our desires. I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Frank, and all the best in 2021.

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