Zip – Six Sentence Story

Plants and Wall

Bill said that he’d be “back with the zip file”, but that was last Saturday. Timothy searched online, but Bill disappeared from there as well. All Bill’s posts vanished. Even records of the events they attended together vanished.

By the time Timothy figured out what was going on it must have been too late.

The only thing that remained was the word “sorry” gouged with large, rough letters into the plaster of his apartment wall that the maintenance staff seemed anxious to cover up as we entered the room pretending to look for a place to rent.

Denise offers the word “zip” for this week’s Six Sentence Story.

If the story doesn’t make sense, think dystopian future (or present). If that doesn’t help, be grateful that it was short.

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GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

37 thoughts on “Zip – Six Sentence Story”

      1. That’s funny. I guess our minds took your beginning and ran with it. 😀 I thought it was someone like undercover police or detectives looking for him because of the importance of the info in the zip file.

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  1. Yow!*

    Read your replies to some of the comments inferring that the story is unfolding in your mind…. ain’t that a wonderful/awful feeling? lol This situation is, for me, the closest we get to being live on stage… exhilaration comes to mind…
    enjoyed, looking forward to the tale

    *compliment on ‘gut-punch Six’ very effective

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