Sunday Walk 35 – Easter

αναστας δε πρωι πρωτη σαββατου εφανη πρωτον μαρια τη μαγδαληνη αφ ης εκβεβληκει επτα δαιμονια

Mark 16:9 Textus Receptus with various translations

Mario Murillo described a woman who was once demon possessed and sold on the streets in “Mary Magdalene on the Day Jesus Died”. After Jesus cast out her demons she followed Him. Then came the crucifixion.

And then came the power of the resurrection.

In his Easter blog post this morning Mario Murillo wrote, “Easter is not polite. It is fire!  It is not about bunnies or eggs, and it has no place among the other harmless religious holidays.”

The resurrection separates Easter from other religious holidays. That resurrection is the assurance of the coming judgement.

διοτι εστησεν ημεραν εν η μελλει κρινειν την οικουμενην εν δικαιοσυνη εν ανδρι ω ωρισεν πιστιν παρασχων πασιν αναστησας αυτον εκ νεκρων

Acts 17:31 Textus Receptus with various translations

Geri Ungurean linked to this song in a recent post.

An Easter Hallelujah
Reminder: There is more going on with the Resurrection of Jesus than New Age sentiment about the rising sun

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Walk 35 – Easter”

  1. What a marvelous post, Frank–I love this so much: “Easter is not polite. It is fire! It is not about bunnies or eggs, and it has no place among the other harmless religious holidays.” I so agree, as this has been a serious season (Lent to Easter) for me, a time deliberately set aside for deep pondering. It ends in joyous celebration, but it’s not about bunnies and eggs, for certain. God bless you abundantly.

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    1. I woke this morning about 3:30 am and read Mario’s post with that quote. I realized what I wrote for Easter needed to be revised. I spent the next hour fixing the post. God bless you, abundantly as well, Zelda!

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  2. PS– I forgot to mention that the song you shared is one of my very favorites (both the Christmas and Easter versions). I’m so glad you posted it…as some how I forgot about it, among the songs I brought to the table 🙂 Thanks!!

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  3. I’ve bookmarked Mario’s page so I can catch up on what he’s written, since you mention him often. Sounds like you and I both worked very hard on our Easter posts–I don’t know how popular mine are, but then I’m mostly writing my passion for the Lord, so… I know we’re not supposed to judge others, but I read a post today in which the author noted that it’s Easter–but said absolutely nothing about the day’s meaning, just trivia about how they spent the day. It was so devoid, empty, and made me feel sad for the person, since my experience is completely different. I’ve had Christian TV on all weekend, soaking up all the music and messages. In my younger years, Easter made me feel guilty–I knew I wasn’t worthy of Christ’s sacrifice–and then I’d spend the day in useless activities. So I really can’t judge the blind, since I was the same for far too long. But now I’m filled to overflowing…not sure if I can resist writing more posts from my Easter experiences since 2011. Have a wonderful week, Frank.

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