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Although Martha was shocked when she heard that Brian died after being hit by a bus, his death saved her from having to explain to him her involvement with George should he ever find out which he wouldn’t now. To her credit, she thought, she had indeed warned Brian many times that he had better get his act together if he wanted to keep her. Besides, she reasoned, George was a serious artist with highly acclaimed paintings of mystically wise dragons and seductive faeries grossing over five figures while Brian by comparison was what exactly?

Martha forgot about Brian until she and George passed the center of the art district and she saw himBrian! – supposedly dead, but now, bringing a tray of food to guests at a patio table, alive and well, working where he always did. Brian saw her, too, and went back inside.

Later, moving with George through the gallery that displayed his art, a chill came over Martha as she stared deeply into the hate-enflamed eyes on painting after painting and wondered how she could have been so wrong about those dragons.

Denise offers the prompt word “center” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories. This story continues from Bowl – Six Sentence Stories. Next: Shift – Six Sentence Stories

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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

46 thoughts on “Center – Six Sentence Story”

    1. She does need to clear her vision, but she is beginning to see the problem. Thank you Mimi!

      I liked your story of the marriage relationship especially how they shared the brownies. I don’t know how to post a comment on your blog, so I am posting it here.


  1. Material wealth, fame and money does not always make a good person. Could Martha have been staring into her own guilt, as reflected in the dragons’ eyes? Multiple layers here, Frank.

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    1. Brian got some sense knocked into him. That’s all I know about his being hit by the bus and surviving. I am glad you liked those dragon eyes. Thank you!


  2. dude! well expressed insight into what we here might express as ‘the secret of the universe’

    actually two-part secret: perception and perspective, what is encapsulated in the advice to know ‘how you relate yourself to the world around’. (This means to account for yourself first before deciding how to relate to others).

    Good Six

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    1. As I saw it Brian came back to life after dying, but he did not have a near death experience because he didn’t recall anything while dead. People do this, or at least they get declared dead and then start breathing again. I am hoping to reunite Brian and Martha later, but I don’t know how this will all play out. My ultimate goal is to describe the occult that both Brian and Martha participated in to some extent. I will have to think about those clones. Thanks for bringing them up, Joyce!


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