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White Wall

“Authenticity is all that matters,” George asserted to an attractive woman who just bought ten of his paintings and commissioned five more where she would be the model used for the “queen of the dragons”. They would begin work immediately. George told Martha she had to go back to her own apartment to give them space, but he would call her when he got a chance.

Martha saw how the woman’s body filled her dress, how her smile hypnotized, and how those eyes, so recklessly inviting, so wicked, could easily dominate any intimidation George might later try to exert against her manipulations.

Habituated as George was to his authentic selfishness Martha knew he would never call her. Their parting, however, could have been an opportunity for Martha to shift her views and change her ways, but her lack of courage only allowed her to reinforce her humiliation by blaming George for every demon he let in as she walked back to her apartment.

Denise offers the word “shift” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories. This is a continuation of Center – Six Sentence Story. This story of the occult will conclude next week.

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Tiny Lizard
Tiny Lizard

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

42 thoughts on “Shift – Six Sentence Story”

    1. I probably wouldn’t have thought about “authentic” if it weren’t for listening to one of Owen Strachan’s lectures on Biblical Anthropology that Jim Lee linked to recently. I might have misunderstood Strachan, but I see the search for what is authentic in oneself as a way to override service to Christ. In general, though, “authentic” should be a positive notion.

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  1. Man’s authenticity has alterior motives. Nice Frank. I love these six-sentence stories. I have written a few on my medium blog. Thanks for introducing them to me.

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  2. Not easy holding up the mirror to ourselves. How often and easy to allow opportunity for personal growth to slip by for fear of confronting and acknowledging the ugly and unpleasant (of our selves).
    Thought provoking Six, Frank.

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  3. George telling Martha she had to return to her own apartment to give him and his new model “space” would have been horribly humiliating. Hopefully Martha learns from it and it’s the last time she gets in such a situation.

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    1. She will grow, but there are low points along the way. Thank you, Mimi!

      The guy who left his car running in your story and had to chase after it had reached a low point as well. It probably would have made a good video.


  4. All that we all need, to make the most of (our) lives is perspective (other than the common one we all walk through each day with)… oh, yeah, and the strength/will/capacity to accept what we see and resist the traps of false powerlessness.
    We all have, imo, access to a path that permits life to, if not change, at least be different from the repetitive cycles of the self to which we all are subject.
    good Six

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    1. It may seem hard, but we can all find those better paths. I keep looking for mine. Telling stories might be a way to help find them. Thank you, Clark!


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