Distraction – Six Sentence Story

Six months after Brian was hit by the bus, he looked for and found Martha in the Art District Park. He told her that he tossed his pendulum and tarot cards in the trash and stopped doing those “mindless kundalini meditations”. Although this was the first time he spoke to her since his accident and in spite of being aware of her “unfortunate distraction” with George, Brian asked Martha if she would marry him in a real church.

Martha wondered if the “real church” Brian was thinking of was Brother Jeremy’s chapel recalling how they both bullied that pastor mocking him to his face for his “delusions”. She also wondered if Brian expected her to give up her yogic devotions to that unresponsive energy field identified by people like herself as Shakti.

Martha hoped so, and knowing Brian she knew so, and so she answered, “Yes!”

Denise offers the word “distraction” for this week’s Six Sentence Story. This story is a continuation of Shift – Six Sentence Story and concludes the series.

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GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon
Lake Michigan Through a Nearly Leafless Tree
Lake Michigan Through a Nearly Leafless Tree

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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