Sunday Walk 50 – Good At Heart?

Somewhere in Colorado Springs

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10, King James Bible 1769

When I was a teenager my family and I watched the 1959 film The Diary of Anne Frank in our living room. Anne died in a Nazi concentration camp, but she left behind a diary of the events that occurred while her family was in hiding. A memorable part of the movie was when she expressed her belief that people were good at heart.

George Barna of the Cultural Research Center wrote recently that one of the top 10 most seductive unbiblical ideas embraced by Americans is ‘the idea that people are “basically good”’. That suggests that the memorable part of the movie about Anne Frank was seductively unbiblical.

The reason the idea that we are good at heart is wrong is because it is sentimental. It is a false form of consolation, because it looks for goodness in the wrong place. Rather than acknowledging that God is good, it claims that somewhere deep down inside of us we are.

To a society that rejects Jesus, we mythologize the Kingdom of God rather than preach it. To a society that blatantly intimidates with sexual addiction, we downplay the need for repentance. Alisa Childers wrote that one of the five signs that one’s church was becoming progressive is “[t]he heart of the gospel message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice”.

I’m still trying to figure this out. You are welcome to tell me what you think about people being good at heart.

I am grateful to Michael Wilson for presenting George Barna’s research and to Bruce Cooper for pointing out Alisa Childers’ criticism of progressive Christianity.

Final thought: After David impregnated Bathsheba, had her husband Uriah killed to avoid scandal, and was called out for it by Nathan (2 Samuel 11-12), he didn’t think much of his heart. He wanted God to create in him a clean one (Psalm 51).

Weekly Bible Reading:  Joshua (Audio), Judges (Audio), Ruth (Audio)
Commentary: David Pawson, Joshua, Part 2 of 2, Judges and Ruth, Part 1 of 2, Unlocking the Bible

View From the Top
View From the Top

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Walk 50 – Good At Heart?”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I am learning a lot. We are all sinners having missed God’s goal for our lives. We all need the redeeming power of Jesus.

    Thanks for the presenting accurately the good news of Jesus. Blessings for a wonderful Sunday.

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  2. “Love One Another”

    How ‘Modern Christians’
    Miss This Message Doesn’t
    Surprise me When i Study

    Them As A
    Observer “Jesus”

    To Be

    A Metaphor
    Like What Modern
    Christians Have Done

    To “Jesus” Turn

    Him Into

    An Old Angry
    Hateful Spiteful
    Man About 70

    Whose only
    Source of


    Is Reduced to
    Torturing People
    Who Don’t Agree
    With Him Forever



    You Receive

    You Sow You Reap…

    “Love One Another”

    You Do Heaven

    Or The
    Place Hate
    Now Applause… 👏
    Job Well Done
    In the Hell You Create…🥲



    Is Dying Thanks
    To Folks Who Spread
    Hate And Ignorance

    And Call
    Something Other

    Than Love One Another…

    Dude You Just
    Have Little

    Not Enough
    Naked As You
    Are to Play Your ‘Game’

    Love Now…


    1. I don’t think I understood most of your points, Fred. It might be better to write in prose.

      Make sure you are yourself loving. Take the boulder out of your own eye first. We all need to do this. Are we good at heart? I think we spend too much time trying to rationalize our hearts to be good at heart. It’s difficult to repent if we keep covering up our sin with self-defense.

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      1. Dude You Are
        The One Excluding
        Most of Humanity

        On Your

        Blog if

        That Ain’t

        Sin It Doesn’t

        Exist And If You
        Can’t Understand It’s
        As Simple As Love

        One Another
        With No

        It’s Simple
        It Makes You
        A Smaller Loving

        Soul And Man Period
        This Isn’t Rocket Science

        Just Anthropology

        Humans At Best

        Are Evolved

        For Love

        Even Science
        Agrees With

        “Love one

        Of All Real

        Stories It’s Not
        Surprising You



        me or Jesus You
        Are Just A Very
        Concrete Literal


        Mind In
        Part How
        Culture Has Raised You…


        1. We are not “evolved”, Fred. We were created in the image of God. See Genesis 1. If you find that hard to reconcile with what you know about science see the Answers in Genesis or the Creation Ministries International sites to get a scientific explanation.

          You need to separate yourself from the evil one, not follow him. The problems you see are not caused by culture, but by sin. This is what Jesus taught: Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. (Matthew 4:17)

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          1. SMiles Frank Currently
            Eating At The Texas Roadhouse
            In the Panhandle of Florida

            Where Basically
            The Same Folks
            Who Voted For
            Trump Remain
            65 Percent Unvaccinated
            Also Ignorant in Many
            Cases to the FACT

            Of Evolution

            Yet as they

            Risk the

            Health of
            Their Children
            Mostly Removed
            From Love with Frowny
            Faces You And They Still

            Don’t Convince me
            Humans Aren’t Evolved

            For Love As
            i Have Access to
            The Internet in Countries

            Where Humans Still Are
            Of Course There Are



            Yet the
            Unmasked Who
            They Are Smiles
            my FRiEnD my

            Mother in
            Her Later
            Life Fell to

            All This
            Snake Oil i Realize
            There is Nothing on



            Gonna You Bring
            Back to A More

            Loving Place Sorry
            Not Sorry Frank

            My Place
            Is Love if

            You Believe
            i Am Attached
            To Anything Evil

            That’s None of
            My Problem And

            Obviously Yours

            Never The Less

            Best Wishes
            For A More Loving Life…

            Works for me…


              1. Regarding Evolution, i Suggest You Be More Concerned About Evolution
                In This Lifetime more than Before… i don’t Spend Many Minutes Worrying

                About Where i Come From;

                in Fact, i Excel in Who i am
                Now As i Simply Unlock

                Human Potential to
                Excel in this One

                Lifetime Now Where
                Fortunately in Epigenetic
                Fact, i Have Unlocked Much of
                my Hidden Human Potential Through

                Appropriate Human Challenges That i Orchestrate
                Myself; For Instance Still Leg Pressing up to 1520 Pounds
                At 61 Years Old Still Dancing At A Level of Fitness That Folks
                40 Years Younger Than Me Currently Do Not Attain; And Further
                More Children Who Are Unattached To Breast, Loving Touch, and
                Loving Gaze From Parents When Small Also Devolve Like Couch Potato


                Yet in this
                Case Mirror Neurons
                That Never Develop in Efficacy
                to Feel the Pleasure and Pain of Others
                Making the Empathy and Compassion of
                Love Next to Impossible in this Lifetime as

                This is Also A Devolution That Occurs Later in Life
                When Folks Become Too involved in Mechanical Cognition,

                Losing Their Real Potentials of Social Artistic Empathic Intelligences
                More of the ‘Right Brain Metaphor’ of Human Potential; Obviously my FRiEnD
                With A Master’s Degree in Mathematics You Are a Very ‘Left-Brain Literal Thinker’
                By What You Have Fed Your Mind in Your One Lifetime Now; i surely understand this
                on the Autism Spectrum as Folks Used to Refer to me as A Cold Analytical Computer Brain

                Too the Problem Solver

                Yet Not the Social

                Butterfly i
                Tend to
                Float Now

                Hehe; Again Epigenetics;

                i Started Working With Computers
                More Than People And My Mind was
                Rewired Away From Social Empathic
                Artistic ‘Spiritual’ Intelligences in one Lifetime Now…

                Smiles my FRiEnD, i Realize You Have Difficulty Understanding
                Metaphor; Yet the Fact is Some Folks Excel in it like some of the
                Ghost Authors in Parts of the Bible; Others Not So Much; You Can’t

                Take the Bible Literal; Yet if You Do, You Will Attempt to Move Mountains

                To Prove that Some God Created the World in Just 7 Days still; Frank, the

                Bible is an


                of Poems

                You Can’t Take

                It Literal Unless You Decide
                to Do that; Perhaps That is Truly All

                You Are Capable of Doing And The Others Who
                Believe that’s All there is to the Anthology of Poetry
                Called the Bible; True, Some Folks Do it Literal And Some
                Folks Gain Meanings Out of it that likely Never Crossed the
                Ghost Author’s Minds No Different than the dVerse Trail Where

                Everyone Might

                View A Poem

                That Has Nothing
                to Do with the Intent
                of the Author; All is Metaphor
                in this Life That Humans Create;

                The Word God is A Word; the Essence
                of God is Beyond All Words and Measure…

                In Other Words, You Don’t REALLY Get to tell God What to do

                And i don’t Either; What i Do Get to Do is Be the Strongest
                Leg Pressing Dude at the Gym And the Longest Long Form Poem
                Writer Who’s Ever Existed on Record on the Planet Earth And While

                You May
                Not Believe
                9.5 MiLLioN Words
                of Free Verse Poetry in 95
                Months As Of Today 7.18.2021

                Any Achievement; A Collection
                of Poetic Responses to Folks Globe
                Wide is Very Meaningful to those who
                Have what it takes to Understand it; Just
                Another Reference Here for you for Real…

                i’ve Received so many, i Can hardly Keep track
                Now; Yet Do Understand, i don’t Do this For Any
                Awards, Likes, Follows, or Shares; i Do It Cause

                IT Feels


                Like God
                to me at Least

                Just Another ‘Beautiful
                Soul’ Per Other Views at least…

                “Colorful and bright

                Love is always in sight

                There is no limit to which extend

                a simple act of kindness can spread

                You are a beautiful soul,

                leaving seeds of inspiration wherever you go


                i Didn’t Write That Frank
                Just Seeds left Behind Another Shepherd…

                With As Always The Evidence at Hand;
                Regarding Evolution, i didn’t Fall off a
                Turnip Truck; While i Don’t Have a Degree
                in Mathematics, i Surely Do in Anthropology,
                Health Science, And Social Sciences Interdisciplinary;

                i’ve Seen More Resources

                And Heard More Ignorant

                Arguments Against Facts
                And Frigging Common Sense
                Than you Will Likely Ever Imagine;

                And with A Flip of A Dime, i will
                Speak Just As Bland And Technical As You

                Do; Yet i Rather
                Keep My Christmas
                Tree Up Year Round
                Constantly Changing the Colors Out New…

                Now Again, Have A Nice Day Frank; i really
                Do Wish You the Best; Yet After Not Being
                Able to Help My Mother, i Realize There is Likely
                Nothing i Can Do to Help Here except Provide Another View….



          2. This Katiefred person commit so many red herring and talk about all things unrelated to what you were saying in the post Frank…its incredible how some people are the very caricature of the very thing they claim to hate and despise (which itself is ironic)

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            1. What passes for argument today is often merely ad hominem and red herring. I have to make sure that I don’t ever do that. A non-argumentative apologetic might be to fearlessly face such criticism. Just stand there, because argument doesn’t work. Thank you, Jim! And blessings!

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      2. If you want what I was taught, the Kingdom of God is His Church as He founded it with His apostles over 2000 years ago, not a church that has adapted to the world. Also Good at heart is we do good for the love of God always, not doing good for the intention of human respect, in other words, we do not act on our behalf or so others will see how good we are, we are good for the love of God and only His sake. This is what I was taught as a Traditional Catholic back in the40’s-50’s school days.

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        1. I like the view of “good at heart” being as you say, “we do good for the love of God always, not doing good for the intention of human respect”.

          Although we are fallen (not good because of Original Sin), we can still yearn for God for His sake. Ultimately it is God who is good. If we yearn for anything else, it is not good.

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