Restore – Six Sentence Story

The psychic smiled upon seeing the wealthy couple waiting for a reading intuiting from her familiar spirits that their future looked promising. She hoped they would purchase further services and perhaps even partner with her helping her restore her own fortunes in the competitive occult arena where mediums and fortune tellers were readily available.

When the tarot cards confirmed her intuition she predicted that the husband’s investments and public influence would increase and his wife would overcome infertility and depression. However, after paying the basic fee the couple declined further services hinting that they doubted her abilities were real.

After the couple left the psychic realized that they must have thought that what they had just participated in was some innocent tourist adventure and so she cursed them. A year later, unable to secure big clients in time, her own business adventure completed its tailspin into bankruptcy.

Denise offers the prompt word “restore” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

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Forest Trail By River
Forest Trail By River

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

50 thoughts on “Restore – Six Sentence Story”

  1. The psychic did what so many do: she gave them a long-term prediction that they couldn’t see, so there was no credibility in her abilities. She should have also included a near-immediate prediction that would reinforce her predictive power. The fact that she cursed them made it obvious that the long-term prediction she made was a fallacy and so, naturally, her clients did not recommend her to their high-powered, high-income friends. In cursing the clients, then, she cursed herself. In reacting to her clients’ skepticism, she descended into the pool of charlatans and pretenders that she had hoped to separate herself from…like every other business out there.

    6 sentence comment? 🙂
    And I love that picture of the trail by the river!

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    1. She made a lot of mistakes, not least of which was cursing her clients when they displeased her. I am glad you liked the photo. I visited that forest preserve recently. Thank you, Rebecca!


  2. Beautiful photo! And what a story: the occult is not as innocent as it may seem and in the end the “tourist” cursed are indistinguishable from those cursing, except the Lord intervene.

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  3. This story is just one of the too many. Breaking the greatest commandment comes with a hefty price. Praise God that His mercy endures forever so we have a chance to repent and be made new and alive again.

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    1. I wonder as well. I tend to assume they wouldn’t curse others, but then I wondered why not? So I added the part about her cursing those who rejected her abilities. She did get one thing right. She knew that participating in the occult was not an innocent activity.

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  4. I’m with Bernadette and Keith… psychic foretell thy self!
    And, on a more mundane level, succumbing to blaming (and cursing) clients does not portend well, business-wise.

    Fun Six, this week.

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