Key – Six Sentence Story

The only thing Gerald wanted was that key dangling from the neck of the sorceress who said as she offered him an apple squishing the worm popping its head from the core: Take another bite.

He tried to recall what he was doing there as she charmed him explaining, But, Gerald, you know you’re addicted and it’s time for your medication. To prove her point she unlocked his chains with the key to show him just how pathetically weak he had become. Besides, she loved watching her victims go through the agony of deciding what they really wanted: freedom or wormy delights?

Thankfully for Gerald the fog cleared in time for him to remember why he entered this godforsaken kingdom of enchantment in the first place. Unchained he rushed off to resume rescuing his wife kidnapped by Snakindegras, a particularly ornery dragon he couldn’t wait to get his hands on, while the witch with the apple screamed in the distance: Run, Snaky, run!


Denise offers the prompt word “key” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

Early Evening
Early Evening

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

49 thoughts on “Key – Six Sentence Story”

  1. Hey! Synchronistic Sixes (sorta…a little bit)…
    Love the way you combine insights with entertaining and exciting situation where the hero perseveres despite all obstacles.

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  2. Oh my…who’d have thought addiction to a wormy apple was possible. But in the land of the fae, the apple is maybe the first step to being captured by Snakindegrass. Very cleverly wrought tale, Frank !!

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