Strike – Six Sentence Story

Miriam’s mother, Jennifer, answered the doorbell to find Snaky, a dragon from the Land of Wormy Delights disguised in a tailored suit, asking her if he could borrow her daughter as a sacrifice. In a loud voice Jennifer called to Miriam, “There’s a nice-looking, young man here who would like to borrow you as a sacrifice to his lord of the 33rd something-or-other (degree) degree…lucywoosi (Illuminatus) illuminatus…?… (Illuminati) latiwhati…(palm slap)”.

As soon as Miriam heard the word “sacrifice” she grabbed the can of Dra-Gone! dragon repellant, the brand with the slogan You never know when you’ll never need it, and rushed to protect her mother shaking the can to charge it for a direct strike onto Snaky’s snout. As soon as Snaky saw the can he ran.

That stuff must really work, thought Jennifer, wondering if they might squirt just an itsy-bitsy bit of it as a test in the street in spite of multiple warnings on the can to never – ever – even think of doing something like that. After the two adventurous experimenters took deep breaths and Miriam gingerly touched the sprayer to release an itsy-bitsy bit they ran back inside gagging, bolting the door, sealing the frame with duct tape while the neighborhood dogs went bananas.


Denise offers the prompt word “strike” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories. This story is a continuation of Eruption – Six Sentence Story.


I am grateful to Sammi Cox, editor of Whispers and Echoes, for accepting my very short story Confusing Confetti.

Morning Silhouettes
Morning Silhouettes

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

51 thoughts on “Strike – Six Sentence Story”

  1. Well Frank, if I was a betting man and had placed the bet that you would end your story with bananas, i would be a rich man now.
    Fortunately, I am not; riches may have escaped me but not the laugh you have gifted!!

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  2. Wait just a darn minute!
    “…they ran back inside gagging, bolting the door, sealing the frame with duct tape while the neighborhood dogs went bananas.
    Is there something you’re not telling us? lol
    Fun Six

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    1. It was a good thing they squirt that can outside. I originally only wrote that the neighborhood dogs began barking, but dogs have a very keen sense of smell. Thank you, Clark!


    2. I’m also not able to leave a comment on your blog some reason. I was going to compliment you on your description of the city with “canyons and buttes” and wrought-iron staircases as trails.


  3. Well, Frank, I have to say that Miriam is not a very good sport!
    A dragon needs the occasional sacrifice to placate his gods, and she just sent him packing. Poor show, Miriam!

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    1. I think Miriam got rid of Snaky for good this time. I had this story written last week just waiting to find whatever the word was Denise would offer to add it in somehow. This week, I can’t think of any further episodes.


  4. I’ve been wondering if your references to the 33rd degree has to do with the Masonic order? Congrats on this episode, and your story accepted by Sammi 🙂

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  5. Snaky seemed to be having a pretty good run of it until he knocked on the wrong door, lol. He met his match (the final one!) in Miriam alright. She knew exactly what to do. Entertaining series, Frank.

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