Mountains and Valleys

Love comes when the mountains ring
and valleys rise to roar.
They rang, I fear.

Oh, can’t you hear?
I love you more and more.

The prompt for Chel Owens’ A Mused Poetry Contest is to write “a funny love poem inside a greeting card”. Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt is “romance”. It is Valentine’s Day. I am only hoping the above is romantic and funny enough.

A very short story of mine, “Moon Walk”, was published in Whispers and Echoes. It also has a Valentine’s Day theme. I am grateful to the editor for selecting it.

Eugenia’s Prompt Image

After Eden

Was it the tree? Was it our choice
to be like gods that day?
That fruit, recall, did not agree.
Perhaps it really was the tree
when we did not obey.

Chelsea Owens challenges us to write a rant for this month’s A Mused Poetry Contest. Ranting gives me a chance to blame someone besides myself.

I was thinking of Genesis 3. Imagine what Adam and Eve might have said to each other after eating from the tree that gave them the knowledge of good and evil along with the realization, to their surprise, that they weren’t good enough to be gods.

I don’t recall that they actually blamed the tree in Genesis, but they might as well have. I wonder what God would have done if they repented then and there, broke their rant, and blamed themselves?

Regardless, were I in their place given my own history of messing things up, I shudder to think what would have happened.

Red, Green and White


Chel Owens challenges us to write a funny, clean limerick about “resolutions”.

Those demons look deeply demented.
Based on deeds, none of them have repented.
Resolutions to keep
Are not won on the cheap.
With such demons you’ll turn up tormented.

Unfortunately I doubt that limerick’s funny. Here’s another attempt.

How I wish I could make resolutions
That would stick when they’re stuck in solutions
When solutions go weak
Resolutions will streak
At the cost of some nasty pollutio

And that limerick doesn’t make any sense. Here’s another attempt.

Every plan I attempt goes to pot.
Every dream I cook up has a spot.
Resolutions today
May resolve in some way,
But they’re not, though, the kind that I’ve got.

And so I give up my resolution to write a limerick.

Linked to A Mused Poetry Contest.

Water Right Below
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