The rising of the morning’s jewel, the sun,
wakes me up today.
Reborn I walk by grace
following the way.

Eugenia offers the word “jewels” for this week’s prompt.

The syllable count (10,5,6,5) for this poem comes from a form created by Myrna Migala to imitate the pattern found in the name Yahweh (yod -10, yeh-5, vav-6, hey-5) and a similar pattern found in DNA. Since the letter ה was used twice I added the rhyme pattern ABCB.

I just found out that RevivedWriter has provided another example of this stanza form in her poem “Staunch Support”.

Atlantic Ocean
Eugenia’s Prompt Image

Mountains and Valleys

Love comes when the mountains ring
and valleys rise to roar.
They rang, I fear.

Oh, can’t you hear?
I love you more and more.

The prompt for Chel Owens’ A Mused Poetry Contest is to write “a funny love poem inside a greeting card”. Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt is “romance”. It is Valentine’s Day. I am only hoping the above is romantic and funny enough.

A very short story of mine, “Moon Walk”, was published in Whispers and Echoes. It also has a Valentine’s Day theme. I am grateful to the editor for selecting it.

Eugenia’s Prompt Image