Scarecrow – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Gerald made crosses and dressed them in tarp and rags to look like people blocking the way. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt while he was laying the drain pipes.

He considered using warning cones rather than those scarecrows, or scare-people, but how boring would that have been? Besides Gerald wanted to make them like he wanted to drain that seasonal wetland. In a week he was done.

Rather than keep them away the scare-people attracted his neighbors. They gave Gerald ideas for other scare-critters and new opportunities to use them.

Linked to Friday Fictioneers where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields offers the photo above by Sandra Crook as the prompt.

Dropped – Friday Fictioneers


Clara remembered how concerned she was when she lost her hair band. She asked her father to find it. He did.

That was Clara’s earliest memory of him, and a pleasant one, but others were painful. With a rebellious daughter of her own she traded positions with her father. Clara, too, would have searched the streets for any hair band her daughter dropped, but her daughter no longer accepted assistance from her.

That may be what a memorial service is good for.  It gets regrets out in the open and breaks habits one wished had been broken long ago.

Linked to Friday Fictioneers where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields offers C. E. Ayer’s photo as a prompt for stories of 100 words or less.

Cabin – Friday Fictioneers

Photo by Sarah Potter as Prompt for Friday Fictioneers

Looking at the shadow of its chimney I remembered the cabin full of mosquitoes. Mr. McGregor told me they couldn’t get into the bedroom. There was a shower, a woodstove, and a bed. I would only be there a few weeks. Given the bear warnings it would be better than my tent.

Incidentally, there was also a ghost that rattled stuff, but so did the wind.

When I left I told Mr. McGregor about the ghost. He apologized. Normally he wouldn’t have rented the cabin, but I seemed like the kind of guy who wouldn’t mind Megan. I didn’t.

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