Sunday Walk 36

εγγισατε τω θεω και εγγιει υμιν καθαρισατε χειρας αμαρτωλοι και αγνισατε καρδιας διψυχοι

James 4:8 Textus Receptus with various translations

The King James Version translates the last word, διψυχοι, as “double minded” which suggests to me a feel-good spirituality without repentance. Avoiding repentance is a sign that one hasn’t experienced the joy that such change provides when grounded on forgiveness. No amount of substitute sentiment can compare with that.

I suspect the devil needs only half a heart to drag us all the way down. King David wanted nothing less than a newly created, clean heart when he almost lost it all with Bathsheba.

לב טהור ברא לי אלהים ורוח נכון חדשׁ בקרבי

Psalm 51:10 Masoretic Text with various translation

Being double minded is also like lighting a candle and putting it under a basket. Oneta Hayes tells us what will happen if we do that: the fire goes out.

Create In Me a Clean Heart
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