Markets Moving Up and Down

Wings Go Up and Down

It’s maddening to hear someone
So wrong who thinks he’s right,
Who says the market’s going down,
Who gives my bullish hopes a frown,
Who paints bright day as night.

It’s true: I do not have a clue.
There might be danger there.
The herd I follow faithfully
Has got its mind made up for me.
Why fight it? I don’t care.

And when we can’t avoid the cliff
Stampeding to the fall,
I will rethink what he had said
At least before I’ve landed dead:
He’s wrong still after all.


Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar.
Photo: “Wings Go Up and Down” by the author.

I am hosting today and for some odd reason picked the theme of “irony”.  Hopefully you will find what I wrote above understandable enough and yet ambiguous enough to be at least remotely ironical.  Stop by and link up some of your own ironical poetry.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

53 thoughts on “Markets Moving Up and Down”

  1. Love the rhyming verses and theme of thinking along with the herd ~ Guess we are clueless, just listening and doing what most people are doing ~ A challenge to write Frank ~

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  2. Being “right” can be lethal, & can lead to the demise of fortune, friendship. matrimony, & mental stability. Now, as to the Market–that’s a plague infested swamp I do not venture into.

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  3. interesting choice of the stock market to show irony but reading on it seems so true that we invest so much into something we have no control and watch as external factors buoy our feelings and torment our soul. I feel that giving up control is very ironic here.

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  4. The market is an excellent topic for this, as stocks and whatnot remain too ambiguous for me to follow. I also enjoyed the rhythm of this.

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  5. Never take the advise of the “expert.” because by that time…you’ve already missed it. Is true, jump when ever one thinks you are lividly insane. Good dissecting of the crookedest game in town!

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  6. ‘It’s maddening to hear someone
    So wrong who thinks he’s right,
    Who says the market’s going down,
    Who gives my bullish hopes a frown,
    Who paints bright day as night.’

    – the ironies 🙂

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    1. Although everything can come crashing down, that mantra sounds like good advice. There will still be smaller economic units than those larger markets. Thanks!


  7. ‘So wrong who thinks he’s right,’…love this line & I like to believe that this is the time of the extreme rights so everything is going wrong….love the rhythm too….

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    1. I hope to be still around to watch it. Wrong and wronger reminded me of a movie that I enjoyed but other, more mature, members of my family would have nothing to do with: “Dumb and Dumber”. I even liked “Dumb and Dumber To”.


  8. Frank you given us a timely piece — perhaps irony is a good fit four our modern circumstances. The line “Has got its mind made up for me” resonates well in this, it works well. Nicely done! ~peace, Jason

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  9. Irony .. my friEnd.. Frank.. A RaTheR
    perFect proMpt for April Fool’s Day
    i WiLL add.. wRitE on course..
    and one i Hope
    to get
    back buy
    oN aLthough
    Dollars and Cents
    are well into the Past
    oF FeeL and Sense
    to Me.. my friEnd..
    thE Drummer iS mY
    heART tHe SinGeR is mY
    SpiRit and The DaNceR iS mY
    soUL HoW iRonic iT iS hoW aLL
    oF thAT iS rePlaced bY Cultural Clothes..
    but nah.. mY soUL pLays Naked And Soars beYond the CliFF..
    And as ‘they’ say..
    tHeRe iS A SonG
    foR thAT
    LoVeR oF thE LiGht..:)

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  10. Oh the irony of group think. It reminds me of what my mother used to say, “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you?” And the blind shall lead the blind. 😟

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