Dreaming and Truth

Tree Shadow

It sounds like truth. Perhaps I’ll find
Wonders on the way?
Dreaming leaves the world behind.
Truths come home to stay.

When I wake into the light
What seemed like darkness may
Sort through the shadows, cool the night,
Clear for endless day.

Liked to dVerse Quadrille hosted by Victoria C. Slotto with prompt word “sound”.
Photo: “Looking at a tree through its shadow” by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

50 thoughts on “Dreaming and Truth”

    1. I suspect this is a different dark stuff than physicists want to find. I wonder if there is any of that dark matter that they are looking for, but this darkness-lightness is real. Thanks!


  1. I really like the thought of sorting through shadows, Frank. I found this such a contemplative piece. The ebb and flow rhythm is beautiful and adds a nice element to the overall feel.

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  2. Imagine..
    not being
    able to day
    dream in visual
    images.. true.. some
    people cannot do this
    as innately as such and
    must navigate the world through
    symbols and the more words the better for that..
    i never kNew this
    until i visited a
    ‘Wrong Planet’
    online and
    relate they Do thiNk
    in zero visual images aT all
    face blind with close friends
    and even family members as
    the images of moving faces now
    never seen as anything but same..
    and in fact they see life as literal
    and rarely anything but sidewalk concrete
    never veering off further into
    Leaves of
    iNfinity iN
    a GRain of Sand..
    sure.. much easier
    to do it dreaming up
    a visual image of a gRain
    of Sand as UniVerse wHOle..
    AnyWay.. the more we kNow of each other..
    the more we can imagine our differences and
    similarities to the point that it will never be necessary
    to blow
    up for
    no other
    reason than
    words that speak
    different languages of reaLiTy now…
    Nice to see yA Frank.. hope you enjoyed InDiana..:)

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  3. a walk, a reflection, out of dark confusion comes light and clarity, love the dreaming leaves the world behind like a little micro poem of itself there, spending a moment in nature helps us truth if there was any.

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    1. Thank you very much! I have been nominated for this recently by someone else as well. I am traveling at the moment, but I will acknowledge all nominations when I get back.

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