Like Day and Night

Although day does its best to delight
                                                                             In the darkness my mind can escape
With the Sun giving rest to the night
                                                                             Like a dream while the stars stay awake
When its setting is done
                                                                             Retains full mystery
And the night turns to fun
                                                                            And whatever may be
Then the Sun knows what’s done was done right.
                                                                            Of the love that was done for its sake.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar where Paul is hosting featuring the form Contrapuntal Poetry.  Here the limerick about the day hopefully adds counterpoint to the italicized one about the night.

Photos: “Maple Leaves in the Sun”, above, and “Calm Afternoon Waiting for Rain”, below.

Calm Afternoon Waiting for Rain

Dreaming and Truth

It sounds like truth. Perhaps I’ll find
Wonders on the way?
Dreaming leaves the world behind.
Truths come home to stay.

When I wake into the light
What seemed like darkness may
Sort through the shadows, cool the night,
Clear for endless day.

Liked to dVerse Quadrille hosted by Victoria C. Slotto with prompt word “sound”.
Photo: “Looking at a tree through its shadow” by the author

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