Like Day and Night

Although day does its best to delight
                                                                             In the darkness my mind can escape
With the Sun giving rest to the night
                                                                             Like a dream while the stars stay awake
When its setting is done
                                                                             Retains full mystery
And the night turns to fun
                                                                            And whatever may be
Then the Sun knows what’s done was done right.
                                                                            Of the love that was done for its sake.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar where Paul is hosting featuring the form Contrapuntal Poetry.  Here the limerick about the day hopefully adds counterpoint to the italicized one about the night.

Photos: “Maple Leaves in the Sun”, above, and “Calm Afternoon Waiting for Rain”, below.

Calm Afternoon Waiting for Rain

Dreaming and Truth

It sounds like truth. Perhaps I’ll find
Wonders on the way?
Dreaming leaves the world behind.
Truths come home to stay.

When I wake into the light
What seemed like darkness may
Sort through the shadows, cool the night,
Clear for endless day.

Liked to dVerse Quadrille hosted by Victoria C. Slotto with prompt word “sound”.
Photo: “Looking at a tree through its shadow” by the author

Young Night

Light can come from anywhere.
The Sun won’t interfere
Though earlier it owned the sky.
The Moon is full. The buildings rise.
The snow-like stars and star-like snow
Reminds one of the cold.
There is a bridge from here to there
And back again from there to here
Off-center and below
That maps attempt to document.
Is there a narrative in this?
Has someone sent a secret kiss
That sets in motion someone bold?
Is there somewhere some consciousness
That daydreams as the night grows old?
This night’s still young, too wise to care.
It’s cloud-hazed, bright and anywhere.

Linked to dVerse OLN hosted by Grace.
Photography: “Red, White and Dark” by the author.

My Goal Is To Find Out Where I’m Going

My goal is to not waste the day.
Doing what, though, I still cannot say.
When the Sun’s bright, I’m cheery,
But at night I get weary.
I’ve walked, but I don’t know which way.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 50: Goal
Photo: “Steps and Snow Flakes Falling” by the Author

Everything Has Already Turned Out Right

When it’s dark is when stars can be bright.
I reflect on the skylights of night
And the shine of the day
Alternating. A play
That won’t end till it all turns out right.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 37: Dark.

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