Everything Has Already Turned Out Right

When it’s dark is when stars can be bright.
I reflect on the skylights of night
And the shine of the day
Alternating. A play
That won’t end till it all turns out right.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 37: Dark.

Glad He Liked It

Some humor shines best when it’s sunny.
Others want rain thick and runny.
We’re soaked when the skies
Shed big tears through God’s eyes
From His laughter. He thought we were funny.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 28: Rain.

The Worm as Existential Dilemma

While a worm writhes in pain on a hook
There are fish who’ll stop by for a look
And then one of them may
Choose to go all the way:
Free the worm and get sent to the cook.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 25: Humor.

As Despair Grew Weary of Despair

Once upon a time in a wood
Where a brook flowed and ancient trees stood
It was dark with despair
Then a rose blossomed there
Through its thorns bringing hope where it could.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 24: Once Upon a Time.


In the morning the sun turns up bright
Through the noon opened eyes feel delight.
As the colors caress
To enchant and to bless
They will merge with the star-calming night.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 22: Color.


We are connected like the leaves
To something larger with strong roots
And it’s connected, it believes,
Which gives it hope to send out shoots.
And that’s connected. So it goes.
No need to question, ask what for.
Happiness: a rush that flows
And knows it need not ask for more.

Boat in Blue

Boat in Blue

Blown-up detail, black on blue,
Stops the eye from looking through
To the blue-pink water-sky,
Cloudy bubbles rising high
Thrown like soft reality
Teasing, pleasing peacefully
As the day drops toward its end,
Lonely lover, faithful friend.