Aiming for that Rainbow

This desert road feels lonely.
No cars are going through.
Although the storm has passed us by,
Dark clouds still dominate the sky.
I’ll have to check with you.

The land is bare about us.
Our wasteland’s freshly wet,
But there’s that rainbow still in reach.
New seedlings take a risk and teach
That we’re not over yet.

Linked to Saturday’s Image Write #4 hosted by Bekkie Sanchez.
Image by Gene Blevins of Reuters from an article by Phil Blicker.

The Tree Planter on the Georgia Crew

He swings. The hoedad opens up the ground.
He sets the seedling, steps, and moves around.

For every bend a nickel he will earn.
He counts by thousands and without concern.

His caffeinated soda’s cheap and sweet
With peanut butter sandwiches to eat.

At night he camps with others like him who
Will spend four months together on this crew.

He works alone but some come there with spouses
While others waste their time and break up houses.

He’d not expect to find some girl who’d stay
And some feel life’s less lonely lived that way.

Written for dVerse Tuesday Poetics: Artisan hosted by Kim featuring poems by Seamus Heaney.

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