Perspectives are of details
That limit what we see
So what we see will benefit
Our subjectivity.

If I were walking from here
Upon adventures tossed
I’d mark this “home”,
Then go and roam
And try not to get lost.

Linked to dVerse Poetics hosted by Mish from mishunderstood.wordpress.com with the prompt being to choose a sign and write about that as a prompt. I selected a set of familiar street corner signs near where I live that included a walking guy caution sign.
Photo: “Home” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

61 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I love coming home after visiting other places, especially cities – I know where I am as soon as we get to the Norfolk border – with my eyes shut (but only if my husband’s driving!).

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  2. It’s always good to arrive back home….and how nice that in your neighborhood, drivers are warned “people walk here.”
    If we’re warned about possible deer crossings in the country, then why not people crossings too?

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    1. That particular warning sign is there because parents walk their children to the grade school and often cross the street there. The street isn’t very busy or there would be a traffic light there, but it can get busy during rush hours. Thanks, Lillian!

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  3. After a few weeks of a road trip, or vacation–it’s home again, home again–jiggidy-jig. We’ve been in our home 25 years now, & have decided to settle in here for the duration. Thanks for sharing your other photo at my site–feel free to post more. I like your eye.

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  4. Signs do seem to bring up the topic of seeing and perception. Talking about landmarking ‘home’ I always take an extra moment to look where my car is when parking in a large parking lot….sort of like marking home.

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    1. I do that also. I even try to park in roughly the same place each time so I know more or less where to look. It is like marking home prior to setting off on a journey as you mention. Thanks, Janice!

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  5. Always enjoy the rhythm of your poetry. I like the sound of “adventures tossed”. I’d rather be traveling than be at home and never get homesick, but we do need that base to return to.

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  6. The signs have their own story to tell about a place like the one you’ve used in your poem. And we need to listen to it. Moreover the sign itself is a relief and home to me if there is one near my home.

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    1. When driving, the signs I run into along the way let me know how much further I have to go. The more often I see them, the more familiar they become as if they have become an extension of home. Thanks, Sumana!


    1. It is a mindset as well, as you mention. It would be the way we become used to seeing things and that gives us a framework on which we can see things differently as well. Thank you, Eugenia!

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    1. The potential terror of being lost makes home more precious. I remember being lost with two relatives in a small park a decade ago with winding, interlacing paths and no signs pointing to an exit–and evening approaching with its mosquitoes. We created our own map out with visual reminders of how we got in. Thank you for your comment!


  7. Guideposts
    oF HomE
    Away and
    Castle WAlls
    SoUL Rise HiGher Lost
    And Found iN SeeK and FiNd..
    As ‘they’ say Home is what we construct
    Trees or
    Of Sand hOld
    Hands WeatHeR
    ‘they’ see the calm
    or storm of waves iN Tide
    ContinueS oN
    FReED oR PriSoN sAMe..
    Oh.. Hi Frank.. almost forgot
    to say Hi Frank Nice to see you..:)

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