Power of Love

Salt and pepper turn to gray.
Water, wash me all away,
All but love that shines her light
For a journey through the night.

Suffering looks like defeat
Til submission is complete.
Salt and pepper, take this friend.
Guide gray fears beyond the end.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille hosted by Kim from using the word “pepper”.
Photo: “Power of Love” by the author. This is graffiti I found under a train overpass in Chipilly Woods last weekend. I am linking it to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.  K’lee’s prompt is “Faster than the Speed of Light”.  I hope they will accept it.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

112 thoughts on “Beyond”

    1. When I wrote it a few minutes ago, I thought I knew what it meant, but now who knows? On the surface there is someone with “salt and pepper” hair who is becoming more gray and is wondering about aging and death. Of course hair coloring can hide some of that. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks, Alison! Hair coloring resolves the superficial part of salt and pepper hair, but there’s more than the superficial. I’m glad you liked the graffiti. I was happy to find it since I immediately thought of K’lee an Dale’s photo challenge. Maybe there is something faster than light!


    1. I plan to keep entering your photo challenges if I can find something that works, and maybe even if I can’t. That was a rather hard challenge, but enjoyable. You do realize that something faster than light is not likely to photograph well. Thanks!

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      1. Ah! Remember though, we leave the door wide open for your interpretation, however you want to express it. This way, there can be no wrong answer. Yes, you have a valid point. Something moving at the speed of light couldn’t be photographed in traditional ways. But slow it down for a second or two and you never know what you’ll see?🌞

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      2. I liked your prompt. It was unusual and kept me thinking about it over the weekend. When I saw that graffiti I thought, “This just might work.” I hope you come up with more like it.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the sound. I try to make these poems sound as smooth as possible. I figure if the content doesn’t work, the sound might. If the content does work, the sound just enhances it.

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  1. What incredible wisdom, Frank. Particularly in these lines:

    “Water, wash me all away”
    “Suffering looks like defeat
    Til submission is complete.”

    Now you and I both know, grey (and salt and pepper) is immensely sexy on men, like silver on women.

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  2. Hey, Frank, post your photo over at my photography site; I dig it. Busy man, posting poems on more than one site, working it–course that’s what we photographers do all the time. Creativity springing forth like dewy dandelions

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  3. Each reading brings a new level of meaning – the mark of great poetry! Love the photo, too! (Although, I think you should ‘fess up, Frank – that was you with the spray paint the night before, wasn’t it? haha!)

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    1. I was asking myself what it would take to make that graffiti. Whoever did this had more talent with spray paint than I have. Taking a photo is something I can manage. I’m glad you liked it!

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  4. I really liked this poem. The lines “Suffering looks like defeat
    Til submission is complete.” struck me in particular and from my perspective was about not only acceptance of mortality but that death can be a relief from suffering.

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    1. The hair colors could also be wild like blue with red highlights although I won’t be trying that myself. I’ve wondered who the artist of the graffiti is as well. It is a message I would expect someone in this community would tolerate if not endorse.


  5. Salt and pepper, take this friend.
    Guide gray fears beyond the end.

    Such depthness in your words, Frank.

    And thank you for the review and for purchasing my book. I appreciate you. It means a lot.

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you. I enjoyed your book. You put together an insightful collection of poems. Although many may have experiences like yours, you were able to express them in a way that resonates with readers.

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  6. Love the image and the words. And I agree with everyone here, salt and peppery hair does indeed look very classy as opposed to dyeing it some absurd colour.

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  7. The last line has much depth and a prayerful sentiment. As we turn salt and peppered, the beyond gets closer and hopefully one can resolve the fear inherent in getting older. Love shines the light.

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  8. I have to read this several times. I like the turn you made in the last stanza. This may be about ageing and suffering, but what I love here is that the person who is ageing and suffering is, in the end, in control of the grey fears.

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    1. Yes, the aging and suffering person is in control of these grey fears although it might not seem possible to control them and perhaps they can’t be controlled without help from the light that comes from love which is also beyond. Thanks, Imelda!

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