Butterfly Feeling

Flowers in a Pot

In Spring the heart-throb butterfly
Makes lovers stop to touch and sigh
While others watch them passing by
Excited without asking why.

Though it may be a silly thing
When butterflies are fluttering
It’s better than what Winters bring
When frozen hope lacks warmth to sing.

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night hosted by Grace.
Photo: “Flowers in a Pot” by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

46 thoughts on “Butterfly Feeling”

  1. This is like listening to Satie’s Gymnopedie#1. There is such elegance and depth in its simplicity. The four-line final end rhymes, the contrast of seasons, the unconscious painting of the scenes. I think this is very successful. You make it look easy; I know it’s not. I ever aim for this kind of elevation through the simplest elements. Excellent.

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    1. Thanks, Gay! It wasn’t an easy piece. I posted an earlier draft of it on some forum, as a response to a challenge, six months ago, but I didn’t like it. This was an attempt to see if I could salvage it with a rewrite. I am glad you liked it. That encourages me to keep it as it is.


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