Is there any pink in this photo?

Would you say the color’s pink?
It’s bordering on red.
It’s bordering on darker green.
A brighter green is also seen
Within this flower bed.

Perhaps it’s purple like the eyes
Of dragons when they stare
As border guards for gold held tight
So yellow rarely sees the light
Deep in their dark blue lair.

Linked to dVerse Poetics where Grace is hosting on the theme “borders”.
Photo: “Is There Any Pink In This Photo?” by the author taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden and linked to jasenphoto’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “pink”.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

83 thoughts on “Pink?”

  1. Wow–killer image that spurred your poetics; sometimes I think color perception can be personal & unique. The last episode of GAME OF THRONES had some great dragon scenes. CGI has given us some great dragons over the years.

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    1. Pink is not my favorite color either. That’s probably why I couldn’t find too many pink flower photos when I looked for something for the prompt. I like a dark background with colorful optimism overcoming it. Thank you!

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  2. This is interesting, Frank, and colourful – with dragons – and a dark undertone in the final lines:
    ‘As border guards for gold held tight
    So yellow rarely sees the light
    Deep in their dark blue lair’.

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    1. Dragons can be interesting and because we don’t run into many they are safe for the imagination–although metaphorically we probably do encounter dragons along the way. Thanks, Maria!


  3. They do look like dragon eyes 😉 I like your consideration of the colours. The flowers are called purple coneflowers but I see more red tones, but I’m no colour expert. (Perhaps they would look more purple beside a red rose)

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  4. Colourful contemplation via a lovely poetic form. The bordering on red and green calls to mind the invisible colour of red-green (not brown), which can’t be detected by the human eye where both red and green signals share the same cone cells. Could it have been a bit of red-green in that pink?
    p.s. Gold, yellow, blue … now am I the only one thinking of that dress again?

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    1. Good point. I suspect there are many colors we can’t see or distinguish as separate. I was thinking of the borders in the photo which is flat as the eye moves from red to green. After reading Lillian’s comment below I understand what you meant by that dress. I didn’t get that color right either. Thanks, Colin!

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      1. I’ve been doing a bit of reading on the visual system. Fascinating stuff. How we re-assemble images from the nervous signals has a lot to do with our own wirings, whereas colour perception is quite possibly configured after our birth and not before. Hence, it’s almost quite certain that every one of us perceives colours differently in our brains — that is, my “blue” can be in fact your “red”, but we might never know.

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        1. We can “rewire” some of this. However, I am not sure how much, but we would have to be motivated to even try. Color-blind individuals might provide subjects for experiments. I haven’t looked at how we experience colors, but these are my initial guesses.

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          1. You’re right, Frank. That’s one of the paths undertaken. I read of an experiment where scientists injected virus into colour-blinded monkeys to give them the ability to see red and to investigate the new “wirings”…

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  5. LOVE this! Am reminded of the “dress” viewing a while ago….folks looking at the photo saw it as either one of two colors…gold maybe? Can’t recall. But surely points out that the pereceptive skills are critical…

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    1. I remember that. That was strange. I can’t remember which color I thought the dress was but it wasn’t the right color by one of my relative’s assessment. That did make me wonder what we see when we see things. In the photo I think the flower gets pinker as it moves away from the center, but I can see how some might see it as purple. Thanks, Lillian!


    1. I like reading poetry and stories out-loud. I also do it because I want to hear if the piece sounds to my ears the way I think it sounds mentally. Then I post it in case someone prefers to listen rather than read or if someone who is unfamiliar with English wants to hear how the words might sound. I may start doing an audio for all my posts for that last reason. Thank you! I am glad you liked the audio.

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  6. An ominous tone to this with dragon. I thought of the dragon from the movie Shrek, the one who falls in love with donkey. She was completely pinkish tones in colours 🙂

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