22 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — It’s Entertaining”

  1. I’ve never liked arguing and would rather avoid it. But this opens up a new perspective to explore. I’m thinking a little detachment, a sense of humor and experimentation… it could be interesting.

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    1. Arguing can be fun. Most people I know love political arguments. There is almost no way to win these where “winning” means convincing the other person of one’s point of view. These are the kinds I avoid, when I can, which is not easy to do with guests at dinner. So I guess it depends on the topic.

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  2. I do not agree! Where is your reason? What is the point then? You are so wrong. NO answers!!!! OK then you win this one! Glad this argument is over….

    I’m FINE,
    LOL but a little one sided for my liking….

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  3. Oh MG Frank this is surely
    excellent wisdom that
    arguing is fun
    the greatest
    win in never
    expecting to change
    minds on politics religion
    and philosophy for the mental
    masturbation in specifically the
    dopamine pleasure that comes from
    that intellectual activity as astrocyte
    waves direct neurons on this Happy Debating
    activity and it’s true it’s part of what enhanced
    my brain chemistry on the Wrong Planet debating
    the idiocy that an actual Non-Profit Fund Raising
    Business of “Autism Speaks” was actually
    A Eugenics Organization in Nazi way
    attempting to eliminate Autistic folks
    as a conspiracy comes alive on that
    website too for ‘high functioning
    autistic folks’ who were
    even less logical
    in many
    than what was
    assigned to them stereotypical
    in Spock behavior of rationality..
    anyway.. people are different/alike all over and
    back to silver linings if i could have then convinced
    them of the idiocy of their beliefs i would have had
    nothing in any pleasure way left to take my mind off the
    numb and pain.. in ways of rational feeling
    sensing debate..
    and truly
    this sTiLL
    is mostly why
    people argue
    as that simply
    stimulates their mind/body
    no matter who is right or wrong
    the body feels and senses what’s real..
    but surely dancing and singing is more
    fun as long as one keeps A Yang dARK sPot on of arguing too..
    parAbles of money changing tAbles and all of thaT as without some dARK tHeRE is no LiGHT…
    Seem Like
    A Real ‘DriNking’ friend..;)

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    1. Arguing does stimulate the mind/body. I’m all in favor of it. I just don’t really want (deep down inside) to convince anyone–besides it is usually futile. I think you expressed well the consequences of convincing someone: “if i could have then convinced
      them of the idiocy of their beliefs i would have had
      nothing in any pleasure way left to take my mind off the
      numb and pain..” Thanks, Fred!


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