Walking with the Aid of Shoes and Fairy Tales

Blue Sky With People Wearing Shoes

Serving underneath my feet
Holding on along the side
Often magically complete:
Every fairy tale’s a treat,
Sweet or terrified.

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Kim of Writing in North Norfolk is hosting with the theme “shoes”.  This poem uses the “acrostic” form which I will feature this Thursday on dVerse.  I am practicing using it.
Photo: “Blue Sky With People Wearing Shoes” by the author linked to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “blue”.  I took the photo at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

56 thoughts on “Walking with the Aid of Shoes and Fairy Tales”

  1. Acrostics here we come, or so it seems–should be a hoot. Nice gentle rocking of the prompt, and great use of your own image.

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    1. I didn’t realize that until I read Peter’s comment earlier. When I took the photo I was more interested in the clouds, but the anonymous, tiny people give the clouds perspective. Thanks, Toni!


    1. Good example with Paul Simon’s song! It occurred to me while writing this that shoes protect us, but so do the stories we have in our minds about who we are. Some fairy tales even contain metaphorical truths. Thanks, Björn!


    1. The Chicago Botanic Garden is like walking in a fairy tale, but old historic structures keep the mind active trying to imagine what happened there. Thanks, Margaret!


  2. This is a delight. I love acrostics. Wrote an alphabetical one quite a few years back. Now that is a challenge. Perhaps I will repost it for MTB since it was before most people were hanging around who are here now.

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  3. Hmm.. speaking of shoes i caught
    a quick YouTube Home Algorithm
    produced blurb on Human Fetishes
    to find out that sex organs and
    feet are closely
    in the
    brain but
    the part they
    left out are the
    oxytocin receptors
    that are associated
    as Athletes adjust
    in the
    anxiety of an
    actual sport for
    warm and cozy
    oxytocin mammal
    comfort as yes the feet
    also have these same oxytocin
    receptors that even can/will bring
    us love when we touch the Mother who
    is eARTh in both flesh and sands as ‘they’ say all is connected..;)

    And no…
    i don’t care for ‘baseball’..
    it’s boring to me in personal preference..;)

    But it’s true in mirror
    neuron way many
    find motor activity
    cerebellum stimulation
    on mall benches while
    i whizz by in realtime Dance NoW my FriEnd..
    engaging all senses and feelings and intellect
    from head to toe beyond….

    And a tire change
    of 125 bucks shoes
    every three months
    like a human oil change that pays life so much more as real..:)

    Hmm.. Frank..
    i thiNk this NoW
    is a ‘FredbunHaibunFredkuHaikuwithoutfredfukungfu’ but i don’t care to ‘know’..;)

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    1. Nice “FredbunHaibunFredkuHaikuwithoutfredfukungfu”! I didn’t know the association with sex organs and feet, but it does give dancing a new justification with its touching the Earth. A tire change every three months to keep up the dancing may be worth it. Thanks, Fred!

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    1. I’m glad you can see it. I have the original on my phone. What I put on WordPress I shrink to about 15% before I upload it to make sure the download for readers is rapid and not to use up disk space there.

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