Waiting for Santa

Santa’s crunching on the snow.
Children want to see
Reindeer, sleigh and Santa, so
He crunches merrily.

Some complain that he’s not real.
Some pick on his weight.
Some complain no matter what,
Ending every praise with “but”,
So long as he’s not late.

Text: Linked to this week’s dVerse Quadrille where De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is hosting and the 44-word quadrille must contain some form of the word “crunch”.

Photo: “Waiting for Santa” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

55 thoughts on “Crunch”

    1. It is very warm here today, but we did have some frost earlier. That photo was of an early snow last year. The first warm snows are often very beautiful with the lights on them. Thanks, Jilly!

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  1. kaykuala

    Some complain no matter what,
    Ending every praise with “but”

    One has to be wary of those not willing to take in a little bit of effort! Very true Frank


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  2. I like this! Even though my kids are grown, everyone gets a stocking fill, I sleep with one ear open, listening for his footsteps still. This reality I know quite well, but as concrete as it be, childhood must be carried on, so others are free to dream.

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  3. i Kid you not when Santa
    Trump Arrives with all
    His Presents Promised to
    all his ‘Children’
    at the Pensacola
    Florida Civic
    On Friday
    Night.. So Cold
    it will be in ‘you’
    kNow wHere thaT
    Night That Yes.. Indian
    Summer is Actually Taking
    A Break for Trump as it will
    be so cold and wet that Santa Snow
    is Literally Predicted for that one day..
    iN Deep South LA Lower Alabama NoW
    Florida Panhandle ReaL.. STiLL
    but at least
    Hell Didn’t
    Have to completely
    Freeze Over FoR A Visit From:
    HeaR ReaL SooN.. STiLL CoMinG..
    OTHeR than
    tHAT i’M LooKinG
    ForWarD To: SNoW.. heHe..;)

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      1. As of Recent News just an hour
        or so ago.. Frank.. Winter Storm
        Benji is running to meet us with
        a Friend
        of Snow
        Long Gone
        that the Flowers
        including of course
        Winter Sprung Azaleas
        Will Not Love at all for
        White Replaces Colors
        As Winter MaGiC
        Rarely coming
        HeaR true too..
        i suppose a Price
        Some Other Plants will
        enJoy that and who more
        Enjoy Colder Weather and
        Snow even more in Late Fall
        in Panhandle oF Flowers truly
        Restricted mostly to just that
        Three years and counting as change comes
        again now.. Advantage NoW iN cold clouds
        and Cabin Fever of Winter Weather South
        Words May Be Colored Longer now more too..
        True my friENd
        the more the broader
        the Colors are for Potential
        Shorter and Farther Horizons
        For Happiness more often BRings
        Fruition of Highs rather than fall of low
        too soon
        as a Magic
        of Beauty Fades
        from Wise to Beauty more..:)

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    1. I so agree with you, Imelda. Santa has just as much to do with Christmas as the Saviour does (who was born on Sukkot or whenever, but definitely not Christmas).

      Nice quadrille, Frank. It’s put a smile on my face, and certainly on many others’ as well!

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