Three Textures Somme Woods

This funk I feel will heal somehow.
The textures of my mind are strange,
But they will change and even now
I feel those textures rearrange.

I’d rather think the world’s sublime
Than whine about each little thing.
I’d rather waste my time with rhyme
Than worry that I cannot sing.

Photo: “Three Textures Somme Woods” linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge and trablogger’s Mundane Monday.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

23 thoughts on “Textures”

  1. SMiLes mY FriEnd
    For i Cannot Leap
    Or Even Jump
    For i
    Bend Below
    A Knee.. i WiLL
    Dance NeVeR Less
    And AlWaYs more
    FoR iT’s True
    No Longer
    Do i Run
    Either as Feet
    Replace Knees
    And Hips For Dance..
    It’s True On Thursday Night
    When i Come Back From Dance
    Out of my Car Arriving at Kitchen
    Door Hardly Able to Walk.. Katrina
    Says Fred you Look
    More Like A Father
    oF Sanford’s
    Son than John
    Travolta but it’s
    True2.. i’ve got 7 Years
    NoW On Sanford Dad as he
    Started his Show at age 50..
    But True too his Birthday is in
    Three days on the 9th too.. NoW
    Oh.. the Age of Wiki
    Trivia too.. heHe..NoW2
    But STill i Dance i JusT Dance
    But True iT iS i SinG too Without
    Even Any Knee or Hip Problems uP top.. hAha..
    As i Lag BeHind Katrina WitH SmART PhonE ToW aS
    She Arrives
    To: Shop First..
    Wait! Katrina i’M
    Coming to Join you!
    Wait! Katrina i’M Coming From: Behind You
    To: Join You Three Times i oFTen ExclAiM!2..:)

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      1. SMiLes mY FriEnd For Whatever
        Wake BRinGS Or Getting uP
        From Chairs Comes iN
        Ways of Pain NoW anD
        oR Stiff Once uPoN NoW
        A Free Flow NoW MoRE
        oF Spiraling Movement
        iN Tai-Chi-Like Way
        Takes iT aLL aWay
        As A Niagra
        FaLL MoRE
        oF Water Drops
        With No Restraints..
        For True Some Humans
        At least and more can and
        Will Erase the stiff and pain
        oF A Routine day.. With just
        A Short Happy Flow
        oF Meditative
        Even Slow Dance MoRE
        wHeRe NoW Suddenly Sanford
        And Son BecoMe One aGaiN.. heHe..:)

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