One-Liner Wednesday — Worries

It's that one time in a million when my neurotic intuition is right that worries me.

It’s that one time in a million when my neurotic intuition is right that worries me.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion
#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

19 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — Worries”

  1. Voodoo of IntroVersion Neurotic Caution NoW
    Verses ExtraVersion Placebo oF Fearless Confidence2..
    Two ways of
    SnoW onE
    OtHeR Mountain
    Peak High Never
    Fear oF Falling..
    iT’s True i’M No
    FooL For i AM
    Too.. But NoW Loud
    Noises Don’T USuAlly
    Bother me as FinAlly
    Mr. Hyde Shakes A
    Hand oF Decades Old Dr Jekyll iN Me..
    SMiLes.. To: Meet A Shadow is an Amazing
    Snow LiFT From: Fun but Dr. Jekyll makes Laws
    To: iNsure
    i neVer
    Fully Fall.. From:
    Have A Nice Weekend
    Frank.. i’M reAlly LooKinG
    Forward: To: that Snow From:
    A Real Santa iNsiDe To: MaGiC ReAL
    tHaT wHo NeVeR
    aS Story
    iN Nether Land
    eVen MoRe i Rise From:
    To: Fall Less.. From: To:..:)

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      1. Fire and Ice it’s True
        As Far as Potential Real
        Worries go.. much better
        now to be in little LA
        Lower Alabama
        As Florida
        NoW For A
        Ice only Burns so deep
        as it’s true too.. the closer one
        Gets to the Beach the less it feels like Hell too…
        True it’s
        Soon in more
        ways than one
        AS Southern LA Fire too…
        otHeR than tHat Have A
        Nice Weekend Frank as we
        Flurry over to Biloxi Snow Beach
        And Casino’s tomorrow morning
        After i once again transform from stiff
        RiSinG off of Tour Bus Seats to Free Flow
        Snow Bird Dance in Shorts on the Beaches
        With Below
        Wind Chills
        Invigorating the
        Shadow Fire of My
        SouL even more in
        Fearless ways of a Heinz 57 MiX.. heHe..
        Reminds me of Last Year when i did the same
        in around a 19 Degree Wind Chill at Biloxi when
        a Nice African American Man who looked like he could
        Have once played for the Chicago Bears as a Lineman
        you are
        bad man
        when he saw me
        flying down the sidewalk
        Dancing Spiraling in Shorts hehe..
        For me at least that was/is a moment i would
        have never imagined in the ‘fore days of my strongest
        yet to
        come Back
        To A Future in pART 4 or WhATeVeR
        beYond distance space and time
        A MaGiC
        oF CreaTiViTy
        A Love For LiFe
        aS ArT with no limits no
        expectations but more my FriEnd NoW..:)

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