Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Sun Through Overcast Sky

Winter wears a gloomy sky.
Yesterday came snow.
Today as well we’ll get some, too.
Tomorrow? I don’t know,
But if it dumps a load on us
I will wonder when
We’ll get to feel warm spring love leap
That brings back joy again.

Text: Linked to dVerse Quadrille where Grace is hosting using “leap” as the prompt word.

Photos: “Sun Through Overcast Sky”, above, and “Lake Michigan and Overcast Sky”, below, by the author and linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with theme “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

Lake Michigan and Overcast Winter Sky

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

72 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

  1. I remember being a part of group in Minnesota who strove to believe that joy wasn’t conditional. It stretched them a bit around February. By April it was all comfort food. “warm spring love leap” makes a good winter mantra… or a poster over the bed.

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    1. Winter’s can be hard. The some of the hard ones of my past now frame some of my best memories. That phrase could be heard as a mantra now that you mention it. Thank you, Charley!


    1. I am glad you like the images. The phrase with love I intended to contrast with the flow of the rest of the poem, partly because I couldn’t find the words to make it flow better and partly because I wanted that part to make the reader pause. Thanks, Jilly!

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  2. “We’ll get to feel warm spring love leap”
    Love the way this line made me slow down to enunciate each word, taking in the hopefulness and beauty of it all.
    I’m ready for Spring.

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  3. SMiLes mY FriEnd Frank..
    A Lament For Spring a Rather
    Welcome Break for a Fall and
    Spring and Summer that seemingly
    never ends for two year return to Winter Cold..
    SMiLes.. TRuE
    MaGiC comes
    from seeing
    Green NoW
    Grass of Leaves
    wHole wHere Brown
    Leaves Reign now more
    Imagination of Green Lawns
    More Soul Green offsets Brown Grass more..
    heHe.. other than that Cold inspires me to write even more.. hehe..;)

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