Righteousness and Grace

Bottle in the Light

It takes no time at all to choose
But more to justify
The choice I made so I won’t lose–
Lose what, to whom and why?

I build a wall of righteousness
That only grace can smash
And let forgiveness air the mess.
Rejoice. Enjoy the crash.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics. Paul is hosting with the theme “grace”. I am also linking this with Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.

Photo: “Bottle in the Light” by the author. I am linking this to Trablogger’s Mundane Monday with the theme of “bottles”. I am also linking it to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “recycle” which is what I should do with this bottle since I no longer use it.  Perhaps the idea of the light of grace shining through the bottle might link the photo to the poem?

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

70 thoughts on “Righteousness and Grace”

  1. “I build a wall of righteousness / That only grace can smash / And let forgiveness air the mess.” I have a friend named Calvin who deeply appreciates these lines, Frank. Well written, well thought out… well deep!

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    1. There is that wall Trump wants to build which is what I think you might be thinking of. However, I am very apolitical. I do try to get out of the way of political forces if I can, but social mood seems to drive politics. The walls I was thinking of I build myself out of nothing but flimsy words and ideas that need grace to bring them down. Thanks, Jane!


  2. SMiLes mY FriEnd for as many repeats
    that i have said the word Grace in the last
    Few Years i for one rarely to ever think of
    Grace as gift moreover
    an everlasting
    to attain
    the Grace that
    is Balance mY FriEnd
    From Center Point Head
    that Flows the one atop more..
    Unity of Mind and Body BaLanCinG
    Force is the Grace i make more than the
    Grace i get that way there are no expectations
    or limits
    Free with work with
    work with practice more
    as Grace BaLanCinG FoRcE MoRE..:)

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  3. Frank, this is magnificent. Love how you use such powerful words to illustrate how grace dissipates righteousness, e.g., “Enjoy the crash.” Also it’s interesting that the word you use for forgiveness is “airing” the mess…. seems gentler, lighter to me anyway. I really appreciate this work, as I’m currently exploring how righteousness plays inside of me and how grace and forgiveness can help me to surrender right and wrong if I so choose. (Or do we choose grace? ❤ )

    Regarding tying in the bottle and the poem, YES grace may be a lovely connector. Or perhaps grace brings a message in the bottle of better times with letting go of the past.

    Happy New Year Frank. I’m honored to share this post for Forgiving Fridays! And blessings,

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    1. I suspect grace gives us the opportunity to choose grace although I haven’t thought about the philosophy behind that. I like your message in the bottle idea tying the photo and the poem. That’s the problem of trying to combine two different prompts in the same post. I am glad you have Forgiving Fridays. It keeps me focused on looking for something to say about forgiveness throughout the week. Blessings!


  4. ps – so many levels to this poem. Grace as a gift….how we choose righteousness and what it is for us …..where does forgiveness fit in as a choice? As an invitation? As an opening to …. ? Thank you for helping me question and explore this, Frank.

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    1. Thank you! Without your blog I would likely not be thinking about forgiveness at all. I suspect choices aren’t always conscious or rational and there is a lot of grace to help us get by.

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