Fern Looking Up

Even when it all is lost
And one must start again
Another birth and crumbs are tossed
And joy comes walking in.

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Photos: “Fern Looking Up”, above, and “Fern Looking Down”, below.

Fern Looking Down

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

71 thoughts on “Loss”

  1. Yes, we should find joy in starting again!!! The trials are over for this one, if we didn’t “win,” this time, perhaps the winning is waiting for us. In the early days, I would paint until I knew no more, and I believed if I began again, I would be able to finish the work. I was wrong, I had to learn more.

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  2. This poem reminds me of the season we call “leaf” shedding season ” (in crude translation) In which almost all trees shed their leaves (much like how winter works in some countries) and they look sad and lonely without their leave as if all hope is lost, but a few months later, they are once again filled with leaves, showing us the happiness of their existence. Wonderful poem!

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    1. I’ve noticed that with evergreen trees and then the deciduous trees do lose their leaves in the winter here. There is joy when they start again. Thank you, Jay!


  3. Those ferns are incredible, Frank; they remind me of the ones at Kew Gardens in London. I used to take my daughter there when she was little and admission was still free – like all the best things in life, when ‘joy comes walking in’.

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