7 thoughts on “The End of Summer”

  1. I remember Farm in the Zoo! Hawthorn Mellody dairy used to have an actual working milking operation there. Don’t suppose that’s still around, just like Hawthorn Mellody isn’t around, either…

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    1. Unfortunately my walk through Lincoln Park took me past the zoo after it closed for the day. I don’t know if they had cows to milk or not. On some of these kinds of farms they actually do milk cows.


  2. Smiles Frank.. September 21st two Days away from the
    Fall Equinox with Hopes for Cooler Air to Arrive in Florida
    one Day too.. hehe.. High Forecast for the Day only 89F which
    Means there is at least Hope not to Arrive at 90F for Fall Days
    Hmm.. Rain Would Be Nice None of that Since August
    Oh What a Day in December as it is
    beginning to Feel Like
    1963 since We’ve
    Had Florida Style
    December Winter..
    Oh.. Climate Change
    You Change
    Oh Change
    The Climate
    We make Within and Outside too..
    Hmm.. Still Spring to me September or March..:)

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