Colored Textures

Blue Path
Imagine how you'd see in darkness
With little for the eyes to do
Then feel the texture of spring colors
Daily gifts of red and blue.

Linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with the theme “the textures of your life”.

Also linked to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. My smile this week comes from memories of spring colors at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

16 thoughts on “Colored Textures”

  1. Nice poem and photos. I do like the bit of synesthesia, with sight and touch becoming one, the textures of blue and red speaking loudly across the world… I’m ready for spring!

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  2. Seeing in Darkness.. With Seasonal Affective Disorder
    the SAD Situation i used to endure in Decades of my Younger
    Years i couldn’t imagine ever having any problems seeing in the Light
    particularly Colors as Darkness was always the Foe of my Moods then..
    66 Months Like A Vampire not able to use eyes for Lights and Colors
    And the same for Ears particularly the right eye and ear then as that
    applies to the Sound of Music.. since recovering the use of those
    Eyes and Ears from the worst Pain understood to Humankind
    that Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia like a Dentist Drill in
    my right eye and ear for 66 Months.. i’ve taken
    over 190,000 Photos now with my iPhone
    Since January of 2013.. the Pure Bliss
    of Being Able to Use my Eyes for
    Light and Colors again
    not only regaining
    the ability to listen to
    Music but even able to
    Sing Again so Free Without
    Fear and Dance In Public Fear Free too…
    it’s hard to imagine now that something as small
    as a Scratch on my Shiny SUV would bother me when
    i saw that imperfection across from the Building i worked
    at for More than a Month before i got used to Seeing it.. the
    way i knew my Soul was finally cured of the Maladies of Gratitude
    was when we drove our new Car after recovery into a Parking Lot and
    a Car-Load of Children Slammed their Door into our Car Denting it a bit
    And Scratching it on the Side.. well.. it had absolutely no effect on me although
    Katrina was very upset.. as not only had i lost effective use of my Eyes and Ears
    And Emotions if i had ever felt a Smile in my life or a laugh too.. i had the privilege
    of laying on a Hospital Cold Table after a full 40 Days in the ‘Lent Spring’ of 2008 with
    almost no sleep Just an hour each night with an Alpha Blocker for all the other maladies
    i was diagnosed with later.. to get my Heart rate to slow down then enough to go to sleep
    as Dysautonomia.. would not allow the Blood to Get to my Brain my Autonomic Nervous
    System out of whack.. not allowing me to get to sleep.. gasping for breath each moment
    i dozed off.. no sleep for the last 5 of 40 days.. sure i was already having some kind of
    Seizures close to Death.. laying on that Cold Metal Table i heard the voice of Katrina
    and my Sister in the Background for the one thing i hadn’t lost then although
    i could not feel it was the Love of them and my Mother too.. thing is i
    already had it all.. but at one point all i thought i had was a scratch
    on my SUV.. ‘they’ put me down at the Hospital with 4MG of
    Ativan.. i really didn’t think i would be coming back
    but i did and i had the rest of the 66 Months of
    Hell to learn the gratitude for all i Lost in Life..
    when i come back the Hell was
    still there but i came back
    and i finally slept
    and Ativan
    became my
    escape in sleep from
    all the Pain/Numb other wise
    it would have been Death then
    the Blessing the Only Blessing
    as in some places Death is Heaven
    Death is Just Heaven… so i endured
    the rest of 66 Months of Hell.. and i suppose
    those i meet in Life when i Dance now .. they would
    Dance too.. if they saw the Darkness in Light and Colors
    and the Pain in the Sound of Music.. appreciating every Color
    of Life.. every Note of Music.. and after Losing my Smell later from
    a Cold Virus.. during Heaven every Taste and Smell too.. i still can’t
    touch my Pants or most any other Human Made Object as Tactile Sensitivity
    associated with Asperger’s Syndrome has made that almost impossible my Entire Life
    but what i can
    do is Touch a Smile
    And Bring one too.. for
    what i’ve Learned is all
    the Colors of the UniVerse
    And Beyond exist in one Smile shared….
    it’s amazing the Gift that Hell Brings
    It’s amazing what you see when Light
    becomes darkness and darkness becomes Light again.. yes so many colors..
    As far as Textures go Nature is okay but nah.. Man-made textures not so much..:)

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