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      1. TaylorSandlin.com@wordpress.com Day 51: Lift your eyes
        Greetings Taylor.

        You wrote: [[[“””What the words originally meant is always primary, but it’s hardly the only way God speaks to us. Take for instance the connections one passage makes with other parts of the scriptures. One can’t read Isaiah without thinking of Christ. He is the son Immanuel, the Light that has dawned, the King that rules in righteousness. We read from one page, but God speaks from the totality of the book.”””]]]

        Absurd. The Greek\Roman son of Zeus has no part with taking Israel out of Egypt, much less so the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

        You opened with Isaiah 40:1-8, most probably the basis for your first time preaching experience. First and foremost, the Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verses. The Hebrew T’NaCH its organized around sugiot. All Xtian translations of their bible – created in their own image. These tumah books of avodah zarah expunge the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai which the church whore of Babylon totally rejects, and never accepted.

        Aaron, the elder brother, he erred and translated the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai to the word אלהים. This error the Torah refers to as the sin of the golden calf. Torah learns by way of משל\נמשל. The language ‘golden calf’, serves as but only a משל\metaphor. Worlds separate reading words as found in Torah books from learning Torah mussar commandments. Whether a student studies the T’NaCH sealed Canon. ((Sealed long before the Greek\Roman new testament forgery)); or a student studies the Oral Torah revelation – as codified in the Talmud, likewise sealed by Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina in about 450 CE. (Sealed long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the literature of the T’NaCH books). All students of both T’NaCH and Talmud know that learning a page of any Primary source (as opposed to secondary source commentaries or later apocrypha books similar to the new testament counterfeit “scripture”), require that students make the required נמשל דיוקים\interpretive inferences.

        Why do all Torah and Talmud students stand on this precise יסוד\foundation/? That learning these Primary sources absolutely requires from them that they accept the obligation to make the required נמשל דיוקים. The abomination of the Xtian religion of avodah zarah, never for a single second stood upon this יסוד of Torah acceptance and faith as an eternal sworn oath obligation. Non bnai brit Goyim never accepted the Torah at Sinai. And how much more so their church leaders throughout the generations; they denied the revelation of the Oral Torah on Horev שמות לד:ו,ז.

        Worlds separate and differentiate between Oral Torah logic and Court rulings of halachah\LAW. Yet the new testament counterfeit errs precisely on this very יסוד. It confuses Torah commandments which command mussar, with courtroom legal rulings of halachah\LAW. Such a huge blunder made by the alien foreigners who penned the new testament counterfeit, the magnitude of such an error compares only to translating the revelation of the Spirit Name as commanded in the first Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai to words; comparable to Aaron who made this exact error when he translated the Name unto אלהים. The Torah revelation at Sinai refers to this avodah zarah through the משל known as the ‘Golden Calf’.

        All Xtian bibles of avodah zarah, duplicate the sin of the golden calf משל. Words like YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Allah — all duplications of the משל sin of the golden calf. The new testament forgery repeatedly employs the ‘holy spirit’ metaphor, which later theologians elevated unto the Trinity dogma of avodah zarah. רוח הקודש, this term exists only as a משל. The נמשל of this משל – the Oral Torah middot Spirit Names for HaShem, first revealed at Horev after the Sinai revelation. The book of the gospel of John opened with the golden calf error by declaring the Word is God. Words have tremendous difficulty describing colors. Neither words, nor human lips can pronounce the Name of HaShem first revealed at Sinai. This error יסודי\fundamental, the Xtian church religion of avodah zarah never perceived, not in 2000+ years.

        The Talmud codification of Oral Torah law, codified in about 450 CE obviously came long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH Books in the early years of the 2nd Commonwealth. Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the T’NaCH literature, and not the reverse – as the counterfeit church authorities slander continuously the chosen Cohen nation. The blood libel slanders, common throughout the Middle Ages, springs forth from this יסוד; that church leadership continually confused Oral Torah logic with law. The church perversion throughout its long history of murder and bloodshed has confused ‘the Law’ with Torah commandments which command mussar. All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar defines the meaning of the word prophesy. This key Torah definition which defines all prophetic commandments, the counterfeit church abomination has never perceived in 2000+ years.

        None of the Books of the T’NaCH originally contained chapters and verses. The church created their bibles of avodah zarah in their own image. They expunged the Order of sugiot and replaced this Order with an alien worship, organized around chapters and verses. Church confusion over the distinction between the revelation of the Oral Torah logic at Horev with the codification of Oral Torah laws, sealed thousands of years later has tremendous consequences. The Talmud follows the precedent established by the T’NaCH codification. Rabbi Yechudah’s Mishna, published in 210 CE, a common law code of judicial rulings of halachah\LAW. The style employed by the Mishna, Case//Rule. The Mishna employs the method, as duplicated by all other judicial courts systems, throughout human history, whose courts exist as Common Law courtrooms. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents.

        The Gemarah “commentary” made upon the Mishna, in its turn employs a style of difficulty\answer. Why? The Gemarah learns the Case\Rule Mishna by way of bringing precedents. The difficulty\answer style of the Gemarah either validates or rejects possible precedents to “understand” (בינה defined as משל – learning a matter in the midst of other matters\נמשל distinguishing between like and like) the k’vanna/intent of the Case\Rule of Rabbi Yechudah’s Mishna. The much later Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the much earlier T’NaCH common law system.

        The T’NaCH organized by and through the Order of sugiot! T’NaCH common law learns\נמשל//it makes the required דיוקים/inferences by comparing sugiot with similar or contrasting sugiot. This compare & contrast learning goes by the משל of learning the Torah לשמה. The opening Mishna of גיטין\divorce/ teaches that Jews in g’lut/exile\ had lost the skill/wisdom\ to learn the Torah and keep the mitzvot commandments לשמה. The counterfeit Xtian abomination which worships the golden calf, never – not even for a day – ever obeyed the Name of HaShem לשמה.

        Three sugiot contain your “key verses” Isaiah 40:1-8. A precedent to “understand” the mussar which the prophet commands, 3 different sugiot ישעיה כו:טז – כז:יא. The mussar of the prophet, did not just rebuke the folk of his day, this mussar rebukes all who worship and kiss the golden calf.

        Let’s bring a 2nd witness, because all cases of דיני נפשות\Capital Crimes Cases// requires no less than two witnesses. מלכים א יב:א-כד. King David, all other anointed kings as Moshiach stand by the precedent of his service to do and obey the mitzvot לשמה. The church abomination, never for even a single day has ever obeyed HaShem לשמה. For 2000+ years the church has kissed the golden calf avodah zarah abomination, yet called themselves ‘the new Israel’. HaShem brought a curse upon king Shlomo for his avodah zarah and destroyed his kingdom. HaShem shall not likewise judge the church, guilty of the Shoah – the systematic extermination of the Jewish people, the starvation, torture and cruel murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than four years?


        1. I don’t see why you are trying to communicate to Taylor Sandlin through my blog post, mosckerr.

          Could you post a link to Sandlin’s post rather than email address?


          1. Frank published a response to a post published by Sandlin. Most Xtians with whom cross my path, they lack the courage to respond when a Jew challenges their missionizing preaching noise.

            On this matter, to your merit, you stand apart from the vast majority of your Xtian peers.


                1. There are many sections in that link. Look further down at the one about the oral Torah. There is a link to an audio there that I find very informative by Rabbi Schiller.


                  1. International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS)! A messianic Jews for Jesus group authored that book sold on Amazon.


                    1. The concept of mussar most essentially requires that students “pull” the mussar commandments made by Moshe and all later NaCH prophets into their hearts. How? This requires not just reading words and quoting these read words – similar to a parrot saying “Polly want a cracker”! The T’NaCH instructs mussar through משל\נמשל. To learn the k’vanna of the משל, like for example the golden calf, requires making the נמשל דיוקים — logical inferences.

                      What distinguishes between the משל and its נמשל דיוקים? The difference between the fingers of a hand and as opposed to the space between the fingers. In photography made with classic film – the difference between the picture and the negative of the picture. A thing that stands under the Sun casts a shadow.


                  2. Mayer_Schiller, a member of the chassidic Hasidic dynasty, founded by Rebbe Yitzchok Twersky in the city of Skver (as known in Yiddish; or Skvyra, in present-day Ukraine) during the mid-19th century. Also associated with the Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty named after the town of Rotmistrivka, Ukraine. He teaches advanced Talmud, Bible, and Jewish History at Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy of Yeshiva University.


                  3. He is involved with the group Toward Tradition, which seeks to advance co-operation between Orthodox Jews and conservative Christians, for example, on issues like abortion, marriage, family, religious schools, and religious freedom.

                    The Jewish Review writes: Rabbi Mayer Schiller is a Maggid Shiur (Talmudic lecturer) at Yeshiva University High School in Washington Heights. Born in 1951 to non-observant parents in Brooklyn he became frum. At the time of his Bar Mitvah due to his own, readings and reflections, as well as having had, in his own words, the privilege of meeting the Skverer Rebbe ztl (Rabbi Jacob Joseph Twersky) whose saintliness and love forever altered his life. After attending the Breuer’s Yeshiva and Mesivta Beth Shraga in Monsey, he spent ten years at the Yeshiva and Kollel of New Square.

                    This in no shape manner or form represents a person who denies the Torah.


                  4. He has a depressed perception of assimilated American Jewry, the most serious threat modern technology like phone computers. High School students – not interested in intellectual discussions common in the 19th Century. The assimilation rates of American youth utterly staggering, something that might surpass 75%! Assimilation – the 1st face of avodah zarah.

                    In an interview with that Frum magazine he writes: “As the years went on and I became increasingly convinced that this derekh, the derekh of the Baal Shem was a unique gift of God and, at the risk of sounding a trifle provincial, head and shoulders above everything else. And by this I mean not in the sense of the chasidische chitzonyas (external manifestations) which also play a role, but the derekh of Baal Shem in the sense of realizing the intrinsic worth of every individual Jew, realizing that one can be beloved of God whatever one’s spiritual station might be, realizing the cosmic importance of mitzvahs, realizing the wholeness of man which includes joy and song, loving and caring. I’ve simply found that there is really nothing else like it.”

                    So no, utter slander to say that Rabbi Schiller denies the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev.


                    1. According to FaceBook Rabbi David Schiller … Eitz Chaim Congregation – A Messianic Jewish Synagogue. Jews for Jesus has no influence upon Torah observant Jewry. Their expressed opinions less that nothing.


                    2. Again, it doesn’t matter who Rabbi David Schiller is. He convinced me with his argument.

                      What is your counter-argument justifying the oral Torah as something worth my attention?


                    3. The general argument is that Jewish tradition is fine, but elevating that tradition to the status of divine command is not. It is much like the Catholic Church claiming its traditional teachings are infallible.

                      What Rabbi Schiller has made me see is when Yeshua (Jesus) objected to the Pharisees of his day, He was rejecting their “oral torah” as man’s law, not God’s.

                      I recommend the audio, so you have the original source of a very convincing argument. You can then quote it when you make your counter-argument rather than getting it second-hand from me.


                    4. What do you refer to when you say “Jewish tradition”? Did Moshe the prophet command mussar? The tradition defines prophesy as “mussar”. Catholic dogmatism compares to mussar like an elephant compares to a particle of dust floating in Space.

                      This notion of man made vs God made — utter non sense. The word in Yiddish — narishkeit. All the Books of the T’NaCH and Talmud — written by Men.

                      Frank alas ya have not presented any original idea to which i have never heard before.


                    5. You don’t seem to understand, mosckerr.

                      Before listening to Rabbi Schiller’s lecture, I thought perhaps there was something worthwhile in the “oral torah” that you mentioned. After listening to the audio, which I plan to listen to again, I find the whole concept very suspicious. It reminds me of idolatry. It replaces God’s given Torah with a false man-made torah.

                      You might as well not even mention “oral torah” to me again. It is now on the level of UFOs or the flat earth.

                      My advice to you is to either go back to the written Torah and forget this oral Torah or provide a rational justification for it after listening to Rabbi Shiller.


                    6. Logic defines the revelation of the Oral Torah. The revelation of the Written Torah directly from HaShem … limited to only the first 2 commandments at Sinai. Moshe the prophet, based upon the Oral Torah logic system taught all the rest of the Torah commandments — 611 of them.


                    7. Xtianity rejected both of the 2 Sinai Commandments which HaShem commanded the chosen Cohen nation. No nation other than Israel accepted these 1st two Commandments of the revelation of the Name of HaShem and not to worship other Gods having different names.


                    8. Daniel M. Klem a simple man of God@wordpress.com VerseD: Amose 5:24

                      First order of business. The Hebrew T’NaCH contains no chapters and verses. This fundamental perversion of the T’NaCH came at the arrogant hands of the idiotic biblical translators who “converted” the Bible into their own image. All Bible translations – evil avodah zarah. Church idolatry (an incredibly bad translation for avodah zarah), [but this response speaks in the language of non bnai brit Goyim]. {Goyim a term of respect. Pagan\heathen Xtian terms of contempt}.

                      The fools of the Xtian church, arbitrarily decided that imposing foreign chapters and verses upon the Books of the T’NaCH best served their evil cherry picking of verses propaganda rhetoric. Joseph Goebbels most probably learned his trade of propaganda corruption from reading the Xtian new testament. The Nazis clearly based their ‘Final Solution’ for European Jewry upon clear Xtian precedents of oppression violence and murder. Cain beget many evil & wicked children, who continued his tradition and filled the world with oppression bloodshed slander and courtroom injustice perpetuated by State salaried Judges.

                      No European govern ever directed its Judges to try the Xtian church for war crimes committed against humanity. A disgrace which proves that Europe as a civilization – utter barbarians and savages, who preach morality but impose violence oppression and death upon the subject dark skinned inferior races; these pathetic unfortunate morons require imposed rule and order of the superior White Race. Like Leopold II’s just rule over the Niggers of the Congo – first established, by the love of JeZeus – in 1885. רשעים have no shame, coupled with very short memories by ensuing generations of the atrocity war crimes committed against mankind by their leaders.

                      No European court ever tried, much less so, imprisoned that רשע. No European court ever forced Belgium to pay war crime compensations to the People of the Congo. But Xtian Beastiality continues to preach the preach that JeZeus saves. The slaughter of the natives from Africa to the New World, the Pacific Islands – Indochina to China, gawd damned church arrogance continues to piously sing hymns from their hymnals, as if war crimes ever committed. JeZeus saves,,, the church walks the walk,,, it goes from genocide to genocide, generation after generation – all in the name of love.

                      Oral Torah logic as opposed to halachic law established by Jewish courtrooms, learns the sealed Masoret\traditions through the sh’itta\methodology known as common law. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents. The word יסוד, contains סוד\hidden kabbalah. No one cans see the foundation upon which a building stands. When learning a minor prophet, the search to understand the mussar instruction which all prophets command, requires cross referencing that sugia of the minor prophet with similar sugiot in the major prophets. Learning a Case through precedents defines the sh’itta methodology of all common law throughout history in all societies to this day. Societies which lack – the rule of law – know anarchy, chaos, and Civil War.

                      The sugia which contains your cherry picked verse עמוס ה:יח-כז. A very strong mussar which denounces the Xtian idolatry which preaches the second coming of JeZeus and the end of days. Let’s learn. Learning prophetic Primary sources – Day and Night different – from reading prophetic Primary sources. ירמיה ד:ט-כא. When ever a court places a רשע into נדוי\excommunication/, the court makes the din of their ruling public by blowing the shofar. The blowing of the shofar, it likewise defines ‘Yom HaDin upon the Brit’, otherwise known as the Yom Tov of Rosh HaShanna. When bnai brit hear the call of the shofar, dread fills their hearts comparable when the chosen Cohen nation first heard the call of the Shofar during the revelation of HaShem at Sinai.

                      דיני נפשות\Capital Crimes cases requires no less than two witnesses. The war crimes committed by the church through the generations of mankind stand on trial. שופטים ז:ט-יח, the 2nd witness called to testify. The Court of Israel blows the shofar against the רשע ‘whore of Babylon’.


                    9. “THE NON-TORAH” – ORAL TORAH
                      The source from your quoted https:, confuses law with logic. A classic error that the church abomination has made throughout history.


                    1. I wonder, mosckerr, what does the Oral Torah say about vaccine mandates for Covid. I am aware that Israel is highly vaccinated. I am wondering if the Oral Torah supports that. What does the Oral Torah say about people who resist getting vaccinated?


                    2. Logic does not address specific issues. Thinking through problems with a discipline of logic (think Mr. Spock of Star Trek) does greatly assist in working through and resolving the difficulties.


  1. Beautiful pics! I have been thinking a lot about this from a different angle and I hope it’s ok to share. The other day, I said this to my mom, she lives on the west coast of FL, “won’t it be something in Heaven when there will be no more sea nor sun?!”

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    1. The oceans and even large lakes like Lake Michigan remind me of Noah’s Flood with its power to destroy. Although I don’t know how to imagine it, I am looking forward to “no more sea nor sun”. I trust God that it will be perfect.

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